How Was Spring Break?

Leo Peters ’24: My break was really chill! I read a lot and went outside a lot to enjoy the California sunshine, including a few times with friends! I also tried mountain biking for the first time! Mostly, though, I just chilled and did nothing, which was super fun! Probably the most fun thing of all and I will definitely do it again! I probably will try to sleep more consistently next time though.

Brian Chica-Herrera ’24: To be honest, the first half of spring break was relatively boring. I was stuck at home and just watched hours upon hours of Netflix. Even if it was boring, I did find this new song—it’s called “The Love Dispensary” by Nuglife. I think by now, it must be my most listened to song on Spotify. Then in the second half of break, I traveled to San Francisco with friends and had a really fun time exploring the city for the first time. We went to Ghirardelli Square and rode the MUNI around, discovering the hilly landscape of SF. Overall, I had a great time and would recommend 10/10.

Dorothy Swanson Blaker ’24: Over spring break, I went to New York City for a couple days—best bagels of my life. I am definitely going back as soon as possible, if only for that garlic chive cream cheese. Then I got home and promptly got wiped out with the notorious Campus Cold. 0/10 would not recommend. Finally, I got to visit the exotic state of Massachusetts for the crew team’s preseason training. Five hours of rowing a day equals a lot of blisters! Overall, my break was really fun and a very nice opportunity to get some privacy and relax at last. 

Langan Garrett ’24: My spring break was really awesome. I hadn’t seen my parents in a while, and my sister in a long time, and it was so nice to spend such quality time with them. I went skiing, and while I would have been glad to leave the cold weather, I really enjoyed the snow, and the mountains. I love Colorado—it is one of my favorite places on Earth, and I gorged myself on non-Commons food. I ate so much ice cream, burgers, steak, fried chicken, and most of all—sushi. I hadn’t had sushi in a really long time, so that was probably a highlight. Definitely the sushi.