Andover Girls Hockey Remains Undefeated After Shutting Out BB&N

In an impressive 4-0 win, Andover Girls Hockey beat BB&N with notable performances by Indi Wagner ’22 and Lexi Secreto ’22. Wagner scored 2 goals and assisted another while Secreto had a 27 save shutout in net. The Andover Girls Hockey record now stands at 6-0-3.

According to Claire Colvin ’23, Andover seemed to begin the game with low intensity levels. However, she noted that an early goal provided the energy needed to continue playing strongly as the game progressed.

Colvin said, “Molly Boyle’s [’25] goal gave us a lot of energy because we started a little flat, and she had a goal fairly early in the game. We have been in a slump where we only score a single goal in the game and it’s usually later on, so with her goal she jump started the team and gave us an internal motivation. We had a lot of offensive chances after that and ended up scoring a lot.”

Wagner added that the team was able to ride the momentum with a series of goals while feeding off of the enthusiasm from the bench. She believes that the training in practice has translated well into games and is crucial for the team’s success.

Wagner said, “The energy was really good. I think the past few games before BB&N, we had a lot of games that went to overtime and low scoring games, so it was really great to come and score that many goals in one game. Especially towards the end of the game, there were several goals in quick succession, so I think the energy in the locker and bench was really positive. It’s obviously awesome to score, but I also think a lot of the stuff we’ve been working on in practice, finishing in front of the net and executing on all opportunities, has paid off a lot, and it showed during that game. I really like seeing the improvement of the team every game.”

Colvin acknowledged that the team faced struggles regarding the forwards’ help in the defensive zone. However, she recognized the team’s defense and goalie, who made crucial stops, according to Colvin.

Colvin said, “I’d say Lexi, our goalie, was a key player, and also Indi. Lexi made a lot of big saves on odd man rushes, because I don’t think the forwards were really backchecking. I’m a forward, by the way, so I can say that. Also Indi because she had two goals and an assist, so she was a big offense generator.”

The team will continue to work on power plays, as well as capitalizing on scoring opportunities during the next couple of weeks in preparation for upcoming games, according to Colvin.

“We have been focusing a lot on power plays and rebounds, and we had a lot of those during the game, which we weren’t able to execute on, but we are continuing to work on them. In practice we are probably going to practice light and work on systems in preparation,” said Colvin.

Andover looks to remain undefeated as the team faces off against Tabor Academy away on Wednesday.