Co-Captain Isaac Heitman Leads Boys Indoor Track with Charisma and Respect

Since first picking up the sport at the age of 12, Andover Boys Track Co-Captain Isaac Heitmann ’22 leads the team with his caring, bright, and beautiful personality. Originally drawn to the sport by his mother as his biggest inspiration, Heitmann seeks to provide compassion and support for all his teammates. 

According to Rohan Kapoor ’23, Heitmann’s welcoming energy and kind heart bring joy to running.

 Kapoor said, “He’s genuine, I think he’s kind, he’s pretty funny. He’s just a nice person to hang around and he’s fun to talk to…he’s a good person. 

Both Obinna Nwaneri ’24 and Tam Gavenas ’25 agreed that Heitman’s positive energy really adds spirit to the team. Providing a great example for his team and serving as a role model, his teammates want to spend time with their captain and learn important qualities such as respect from him.

Nwaneri said “From what I see, He’s always cheering on his teammates. He gives it his all during the runs…he brings a lot of energy to everybody…people seem to respect him, he seems to have an overall positive impact on the team.” 

Gavenas added “ Isaac is one of the most helpful teammates you can have. [He is] charismatic [and] always cheers on everybody. He’s a leader throughout workouts, he as a captain is really respectful and he knows boundaries, he’s funny….and he just understands people’s opinions.”

Heitmann notes that his enjoyment for the sport extends beyond the meets and the physical aspect, but stems more from the bonds and connections formed among teammates and the camaraderie that comes with it.

Heitmann wrote, “My favorite aspect of Track & Field is absolutely the people. T&F is home to 100+ athletes, and I’ve never once disliked anyone I’ve met on the team- most of the first friends I made freshman year (shoutout to Jeremy Lin ’22) were people I saw every day at track.”  

Heitmann aims to lead the team with compassion and enthusiasm, something that his teammates have seen and started to emulate. To Heitmann, the overarching goal track is to foster a supportive, enjoyable, and welcoming environment for everyone involved.

“I would say that I strive to show compassion for my teammates more than anything else. Being enthusiastic about the sport is absolutely important, but my priority as a captain is creating a space where people feel like they can get support without judgment,” wrote Heitmann.

Kapoor acknowledges Heitmann’s effective leadership approach, stating that actions speak louder than words. He points out that Heitmann’s work ethic is something that makes him admirable and followable among the team.

Kapoor said, “As a leader, I think he’s good, he’s like, he’s not one of those in your face like yelling like do this do that leader he’s like someone who leads by example I think that’s probably the best and most accurate way to describe him. He works really hard, he’s always at practice. He’s the hardest worker during the workouts, he goes out during the meets, he’s always there for you and he always shows his character.”

Heitmann believes that running is more than just the races. He truly appreciates all aspects of the sports, outside of just winning race after race, whether it be running for the purpose of relaxing or clearing his mind, or to once again, establish and refine the connections with those who share a similar passion for the sport.

Heitmann wrote, “As a runner, I would describe myself to be someone who truly enjoys the sport for what it is. Getting good times is absolutely a win, but it’s more secondary to me- running itself gives me a chance to talk with friends, lets me breathe fresh air and relax after school, and connects me to my family (my mom currently runs marathons and my dad held high school records in sprints).  As a person, I would say that I have really big ideas. Of course, these rarely reflect reality or my own abilities, but I like to think that, someday, I’ll actually accomplish something that will help a lot of people.” 

Heitmann aims to continue his great leadership throughout the rest of the season, supporting his teammates and adding a little fun to track.