Hot Takes Spread

Leilani Glace ’25: Quite frankly, plane tickets for small children, between the ages of zero to six, should cost more. Children are noisy and on a thirteen-hour flight—or even a five-hour flight—passengers should have the right to peace and quiet, the right to sleep when they want, and the right to read a book in relative silence. However, because planes are communal, paying extra to board children, who are very likely to disturb other passengers, is a reasonable request.

Michael Ma ’24: Pets are overrated. They take too much time and effort to take care of, especially if you live alone. I can grow to like animals but only if I’m not taking care of them. I also tend to fall out of love with pets if I see them do disgusting things. Pets licking an owner’s mouth? I just think—ew.

Amy Oku ’25: People who wear rubber sandals with fuzzy socks outside in the winter with a full-on outfit are a red flag. If they’re wearing a full outfit, like a nice shirt and pants, but also wear socks with sandals—they need to make a decision. They should not go full out, but then not go full out.

Allie Encarnacion ’24: Misogyny and toxic masculinity need each other, just like racism and white supremacy need each other. Societal expectations of what femininity is can only be opposed by societal expectations of what masculinity is. It’s not a very complex idea, just that we need to constantly be rejecting the contrast and comparison (misogyny versus toxic masculinity, or white supremacy versus racism) in order to uplift ourselves and everyone else simultaneously.