Post-Pandemic Opportunities Promote New Visions for Art Clubs

Last Friday, Andover’s diverse art clubs gathered in the Snyder Center for the long-awaited club rally. With the return to in-person meeting this fall, many clubs have considered new ways to appeal to the student body. Board members of The Andover Edition, Animation Club, K-pop Club, and Calligraphy Club shared their new goals, projects, and pitches for the upcoming year.

The Andover Edition:

Allie Ecarnacion ’24

“Since the pandemic, we’ve broadened our sights drastically. We are hosting fashion show watch parties [and] creating a, possibly interscholastic, fashion show. We’re [also] revamping our Instagram and embracing our new [Juniors], as well as doing multiple pieces this year on how individual and general campus fashion has changed since the world went into lockdown.”

Animation Club:

Owen Cheng ’23

“The pandemic was the catalyst that started the club, as I only started animating once I was put in quarantine and had nothing to do… I hope to share this hobby with new students and hopefully build a sense of community around the art; people who like art can [be] more introverted, and the animation club community [wants] help them find their place.”

Michelle Yao ’23

“For this year, we wanted our appeal to be focused on the range of opportunities we can offer our members. We want our members to know that this club can be whatever they want animation to be for them, and that they will have a place no matter if they are interested in 2-D or 3-D animation, or even in the soundtrack and lighting… Animation comes as the fruition of a plethora of talents ranging from script-writing to delicate camerawork, and we want to respect this diversity within our club.”

Calligraphy Club:

Jessica Guo ’23

“Calligraphy club is meant to be a place for students to relax and take their minds off of school work, especially as students get accustomed to the standard workload before the pandemic. Our club will be low commitment, will always have food for our members to enjoy, and promote a comfortable and encouraging environment for learning calligraphy.”

K-pop Club:

Sarah Zhang ’24

“[This year,] a dream project of ours is to host a random dance play; we envision setting up a screen in Gelb tent and playing some popular kpop songs/dances… Our K-pop club is a great place to connect with people with this shared interest and everyone is welcome to come dance, groove, and have a good time.”