News in Brief

Within the past week:

Design educator and artist Rosa Weinberg continued the NestED Speaker Series with her presentation titled “The Importance of Being Present” on Friday, February 12. Through wearable tech for dancers and choreographers, Weinberg shares how she utilizes design and architecture to question the status quo.

The Andover Division of Natural Sciences and Brace Center for Gender Studies screened the documentary, “Picture a Scientist,” which was available to the Andover community from February 12 to 17. The film explores the various challenges and discrimination women scientists face in the male-dominated field of science and discusses how to make science more equitable.

Medical Director Dr. Amy Patel released an Andover Campus Public Health update on February 12. The update announced one new positive Covid-19 test for the week of February 1 and that three community members were in isolation. Additionally, the town of Andover’s Covid-19 risk level is yellow/moderate, according to Patel’s email.

Looking Ahead:

In an email sent to the Andover community, the Anti-Racism Task Force (AATF) shared that the task force has created sub-committees to address diversity, institutional systems, community culture, and cultural competency. The AATF has met a total of eleven times. AATF plans to communicate their actionable plans of holding racist behavior and racism accountable to The Board of Trustees and the Head of School during late Spring Term of 2021.