Mock Election 2020: Politics at Andover

Both students and faculty at Andover were strongly in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, however, Republican candidate Donald Trump received 15.2% of the vote overall.

Joe Biden received overwhelming support from Andover students in a survey conducted by The Phillipian, vol. CXLIII about the upcoming presidential race. Of the 1,181 students surveyed, 65.1 percent responded and completed the survey. Biden received 78.8 percent of the votes, compared to 16.6 percent for Donald Trump. Third-party candidates received the support of 4.6 percent of students – with Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party candidate, taking 3.4 percent of the vote, and Howie Hawkins, the Green-Rainbow Party candidate, receiving 1.2 percent. In the same survey sent to faculty members and staff, 28 percent completed the survey. Eighty-nine percent plan to vote for Biden and 10.3 percent plan to vote for Trump. Jorgensen and Hawkins each received 0.4 percent of support.