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Students React to First Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate occurred on Tuesday between the Republican nominee and current President Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden. Moderated by Chris Wallace of FOX News, the debate covered six topics: the nominees’ records, the Supreme Court, Covid-19, the economy, race, and the integrity of the election.

Ivan Betancourt ’22

“[It] seemed to me the debate was less a debate on policy and national issues and rather a petty battle for speaking time. As many others have said, it is not completely clear who won, but it is clear that the American people have lost. We cannot afford to have to watch another debate like this one… In such a crucial time, we need options and need them quickly. Not even after a presidential debate could we feel confident that the future of America is in the right hands.”

Quincy Cunningham ’21

“[The debate] was a display of true selfishness and immaturity. I was very disappointed in the behavior that our president showed us and the world in last night’s debate. Not only did our president fail to answer many of the questions he was asked, but he personally attacked his competitor to the point where [Biden] couldn’t finish a sentence.”

Anne Averill ’23

“The debate was a sad and disheartening example of the division in our country, the lack of manners and morality that was on display, and the unfortunate place we find ourselves in.”

Sophie Glaser ’22

“I’m not quite sure what I was expecting for the first presidential debate, but I did experience a wide range of emotions during the whole thing: frustration, anger, and honestly exasperation. These debates should be about policy ideas and the demands of office, instead of being [about] who can shout the loudest and who can spread the most lies. There were a few standout moments, but overall I wish there had been a larger focus on policy and implementation.”

Angela Chen ’23

“The one thing I can say about the debate was that it was really chaotic. Politicians like to do this but no one answered their questions directly, and they were both so focused on bringing down their opponent… I was laughing the entire time.”