Senior and PG Reactions to COVID-19 and Spring Term Cancellation

Rose O’Connor PG ’20:

How are you feeling about missing your final opportunity to row with a school team?

I’m obviously pretty sad that I can’t row again because crew has been a big part of my high school experience so far. I’ve always thought about whether or not I wanted to row in college, but I ended up choosing hockey instead. I was really excited to have that extra year to be able to row one more time, and having that cut short has been really disappointing.

What have you been doing in place of crew for physical activity?

I started running again. I haven’t really been running a lot the past few years with having three different sports seasons, other than running at field hockey practice. But as far as just going out and running, I’ve just been trying to do four miles through my neighborhood, which has been good because it’s a nice way to get outside without having to talk or interact because that’s not what people should be doing right now.

Alex Fleury ’20:

What was your initial reaction to the cancelation of Spring Term?

Once I heard the entire term was going to be canceled, it was really disappointing… I think we would have been in the running for winning the Nepsta championship this year for outdoor, too. I think it’s a combination of the potential the team had, just going to practice every day, being there with all of my friends that I’ve made over the past few years, and not being able to compete with them one last time.

What are your biggest lessons and experiences you are taking with you from PATF?

I’m going to take away many things, but a couple of main things that I am going to be taking away are just the work ethic that I’ve developed, and not perfected, but at a high school level I think I’ve got down a pretty good work ethic… Another thing I want to take away is that I found a lot of great people on the track and cross country teams because I’ve found so many of my best friends on the team over the course of my [Andover] career. I’ve had so many coaches that have been so willing to help not only me but so many other people, and I think that that is reflective of how great of a sport track is.

Griffin Green PG ’20:

What does it feel like to have the baseball season taken so suddenly?

Obviously, it’s sad that I won’t be able to represent Big Blue on the baseball field this year, especially since we had such a special group of kids led by some unbelievable captains and coaches. But in all honesty, I don’t feel bad for myself or my other fellow baseball PG, Tyler Cox, for not being able to play this year (since we have already had our true ‘senior season’ last year at our old high schools). The kids I truly feel for are [our co-Captains] Lucas Stowe [’20] and Peter Ling [’20], who won’t be able to experience what it’s like to play a final senior season. It’s absolutely devastating.

How have you and the team stayed committed to the sport while campus is closed?

As a team, we have all kept in touch since our season being canceled. I’ve texted/called/face-timed some of the boys separately to see how they and their families are doing. Also, [Head Coach Kevin Graber] does a great job by texting in our group chat every day. He tells us constantly how much we are missed at campus, to keep our heads up, and to control what we can control.

Jake Jordan ’20:

What was your initial reaction to the cancelation of Spring Term?

Being completely honest, I accepted the fact that we weren’t going to be going back to campus during the spring, even before the formal announcement [was] made by the administration. While I hoped for the best, it was hard to imagine that we would return to campus given the status of other colleges and boarding schools in our area. However, when I saw my friends’ reactions, I was deeply saddened by the stark realization that I potentially wouldn’t see most of the kids in my class again unless the administration took action to plan a commencement for a later date. At this point, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the case and the class of 2020 will still go out with a bang despite these restricting circumstances.

What will you miss the most about the lacrosse season?

I love the game of lacrosse. However, for me, it wasn’t about those intense overtime wins or tough losses. For me, it was the friendships and the brotherhood that our Senior class had. Memories from our spring training trips to San Diego and team dinners in [Paresky Commons] will forever live as some of the greatest memories during my time at Andover, and I seriously am going to miss everyone on that team so much.

Tyler Cox PG ’20:

What was your initial reaction to the cancelation of Spring Term?

As our return to campus kept getting pushed back and pushed back, everyone kept telling me that there was no way we were going back. I just kept denying it, holding out hope that I would return to [Andover] at some point to see my friends, and proudly wear “Andover” across my chest on the baseball diamond. Then we got the email, and even though it was somewhat expected, it was still devastating… All of these wonderful friends and faculty members that I’ve made over Fall and Winter Terms, I never got a chance to say goodbye to—and that really stings.

Even though you have not had much time with the team, what will you miss most about Big Blue Baseball?

I am really going to miss the baseball program at Andover. The culture that [Coach Graber] has created is special in so many ways. This baseball program is conducive not only to developing as a baseball player but also to growing as a young man… I’m going to miss our fun-loving repartee in the locker room and in [Paresky]. Even though the 2020 baseball team’s time at Andover was cut far too short, this was a special team that was going to do special things. The sky was the limit for this tight-knit, talented team, and I will forever miss it.