Andover Girls Hockey Caught in Lockdown at Loomis Chaffee After Game

Andover Girls Hockey experienced a lockdown at Loomis Chaffee on February 27. The lockdown was in response to a report of an “isolated road rage incident that started in town and ended up on [Loomis] campus,” according to an email sent to the Loomis community. The lockdown began at 6:00 p.m. and was lifted just before 7:00 p.m., according to WFSB[a].

Andover athletes and parents were on lockdown in their locker room and barricaded the doors. Team members Molly MacQueen ’21 and Bridget Santos ’21 were scared by the lockdown, but felt comforted by the way the situation was handled.

“The game had ended, we had won, so we were all in pretty high spirits. We were ushered directly into the locker room and told not to talk to our parents. I felt safe and trusted the adults in the situation very much,” said Santos.

“It was defnietly nerve-racking, but it was handled very well. I think we did a good job keeping each other calm. Our parents came into the locker room, so that’s when we knew something was wrong. Eventually we barricaded the doors so no one could come in from the outside, but it didn’t end up being necessary,” said MacQueen.