Phillipian Commentary: Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Inviting Angela Davis to campus and lauding her is clear evidence of the irrational and leftist mindset and increasing moral degeneracy at Andover. In describing her background, a glaring omission is that Angela Davis knowingly supplied three guns to a domestic terrorist who, in a courtroom attack attempting to free three fellow Black Panthers, killed a California Superior Court Judge while trying to escape. Davis was subsequently acquitted of murder and kidnapping charges, but her supplying of the weapons was not denied. Other omissions are that she supported known terrorist Marwan Barghouti and cozied up to brutal oppressors like Erich Honecker and Fidel Castro. Angela Davis should be excoriated, not exalted, and should have been disinvited from speaking.


Michael Scharf ’60 P’02 ’04