News in Brief

In the week leading up to last Friday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, students bought their friends kisses, compliments, candy, or a special “extravaganza” from the 2019-2020 Blue Key Heads. On Valentine’s Day, the Blue Key Heads walked around campus and Paresky Commons giving kisses and the other gifts to students.

As a part of their Black Arts Month Celebration, Af-Lat-Am hosted the Wild N’Out Comedy Show last Friday, February 14. Wild N’Out is based on the MTV Show hosted by Nick Cannon, where participants freestyle rap and make jokes about their opponent in order to win the Championship Belt.

Andover’s sketch comedy group, Sketchy, performed last Saturday, February 15. The group performed original comedy sketches with topics including their Valentine’s Day plans, Juniors on campus, and a “Weekender Update” segment.

The 2020-2021 Community and Multicultural Development (CAMD) Scholar and BRACE Fellow applications were due this Wednesday, February 19. The CAMD Scholar and Brace Fellows do research over their summer break and write a full-length research paper, presenting their findings when they return to school the following year. The program serves to promote Andover’s mission of diversity, inclusion, and Youth From Every Quarter.

Looking Forward:

Lani Silversides, Instructor in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, will present her workshop titled “Performing Under Pressure” this Friday, February 21 at 12:30 p.m. in the Tang Institute. Silversides developed the workshop in order to provide students with peak-performance test taking strategies, which she has previously given with a focus on student athletes.

All school Geograbee Finals will be held on Wednesday, February 26 after two preliminary rounds. First rounds were held in dorms and at a session for day students, and cluster finals were held last Wednesday, February 19.