10 Questions with Johann Asmus Leon ’20

Johann Asmus Leon ’20 is a one-year Senior from Gottingen, Germany. On campus, Asmus Leon lives in Stuart House and is a member of Andover Boys Swimming & Diving and Gospel Choir.

1. Where are you from and where do you live on campus?

I’m from Gottingen, Germany but my mom’s from Spain so I kind of live in both places. Here on campus, I live in Stuart. It’s pretty calm and there [are] a lot of nice kids, like [Jackson Diodati ’20 and Derrick[a][b][c] Brown ’20][d]. We have a lot of fun. We play a lot of online games together and we do a lot of Tik Toks, just funny, everyday life ones. We usually play League of Legends. We play a lot of card games and poker.

2. What’s your favorite game?

Probably Uno. It’s just fun to play when you are on vacation with your family. I usually play with my family on train rides.

3. What’s the coolest place you have visited?

New York. All the buildings are super cool for photography. I just went sightseeing there. Another cool place that I went to was Rome. I really like architecture. In fact, I like taking pictures of architecture and especially aesthetically pleasing forms and colors. Columns are cool, just everything that’s symmetrical.

4. What do you like the most about Andover right now?

I like the resources and that you are pretty close to your teachers. I also like our athletic facilities.

5. What do you like to do for fun?

I’m a big piano player, so I usually play the piano. I love Chopin so right now I’m learning the “Ballade No. 4.” There’s also the “Revolutionary” from Chopin that I like to play. My mom actually made me want to play the piano. I thought it was cool to know how to play an instrument and it also helped me a lot with learning to concentrate.

6. What kind of things do you read?

I like psychological readings, a lot of German literature. I also like a lot of German poetry and a lot of modern poetry, but also just romantic literature. The reason I like poetry is because I like metaphors.

7. What is Germany like?

Germany is, I feel, more advanced, honestly, in terms of social security and social structure. There’s not that much of a difference between rich people and poor people. The communities are also nicer.

8. What are your most interesting and strangest experiences?

Cliff diving in Spain. It’s pretty scary because there’s always the possibility of you hitting a rock or something. It’s a lot of fun though. My friends did it so I just had to do it with them. Actually, it’s coming to Andover. I wanted to come so I could practice English.

9. What’s something interesting about you?

I like green bananas. Green enough before they are yellow. I love them, especially when they’re just crispy.[e][f]

10. If you had to choose, do you like Spain or Germany?

Spain, because of the temperature and the food. Tapas—they’re small Spanish dishes—are the best in Spain. I also love Spanish meat. [I’ve travelled to] a lot of places in Europe. Actually, this is my first time in America. But I’ve been to Tunisia and Africa. I was so small that I couldn’t remember my times there, though.