Ellie Harrison ’22 Displays Composure and Aggressiveness in the Midfield

Harrison started playing Field Hockey in the 7th Grade for her middle school.

In her first year at Andover, new Lower Ellie Harrison ’22 has contributed to the team’s strong performances this season with her consistency and energetic personality, according to Captain Carly Kreytak ’20 and teammate Kiera Suh ’22.

Kreytak said, “[Harrison] is a great addition to our team. She has good skills and knows where to be on the field and what to do with the ball when given the chance. I think [that] she has been key in transitioning the ball from the defensive side to the offense. She plays a hard position and has done well at it.”

Suh added, “On the field, Ellie is super strong on the ball and aggressive, but she’s also a really composed player… Off of the field, she’s always really happy and positive and really energetic. Whenever she comes in the locker room, she’s always smiling no matter what and I think she brings a positive and bright spirit to the team.”

Due to her inspirational character and impact across the field, Harrison has been named The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

When did you start playing field hockey?

I started playing field hockey in seventh grade for my middle school.

Being a new Lower, how has settling into a new school and new team been for you?

I think that being on the field hockey team has definitely helped my transition because from day one, I have had a group to go to lunch with and study with which has been really nice. There are so many new students on the field hockey team and I think that that has helped with my transition because we are all in it together and we are always there for each other.

How would you describe the team dynamic?

Everyone on the team is super nice and welcoming to all the new players. Everyone works really hard and wants to succeed for themselves and for the team, which I think contributes to the team’s success.

Do you have any goals for the season?

I want to keep improving each game. We have definitely been playing better together at passing through the midfield and transitioning well. I want to make it to the tournament and have a good end to the season.

Do you have a favorite memory of the season so far?

Probably winning in overtime against Milton. It was a really close game and we ended up winning in overtime off of a corner. Our goalie saved a stroke so it was a really exciting game. The football team was watching and Drumline was there and it was really fun.