Rap Performance by Tafari Friday ’20 Brings Unique Energy to Spring Term


Several audience members found Friday’s crowdsurfing to be the most memorable moment of the energy-filled performance.

Taking off his shirt and launching himself into the crowd, Tafari Friday ’20 surfed on top of the hands of his peers as they cheered. Friday, known by his stage name “Yung Fuego,” performed a selection of his rap songs last Friday night in Susie’s.

Friday’s friend, Sahil Tekchandani ’19, described the energy in the room during that moment.

“The best part was when he jumped into the crowd and went crowd surfing; it was lit. He basically jumped in, and everyone held him up. It was like water all over the place and it was super loud, energetic, fun,” said Tekchandani.

During his second ever concert, Friday performed three of his songs: “Facetime,” “Do It,” and “Ok.” The three songs were written by Friday and were based on his own experiences. His manager, Alex Castillo ’19, asserted that Friday’s performance was unique and filled with high energy throughout.

“It was so alive in the den while he performed. We don’t see too much of that. Especially this spring, it has been a little bit dreary. Tafari is definitely the highlight of the spring,” said Castillo.

Friday’s friends contributed greatly to the energetic atmosphere through their enthusiasm, according to attendee Caroline Empey ’22.

“When we first got there, everyone was sitting in chairs, but when Tafari came out everyone got up and we were all crowding the stage and jumping around. I think everyone was really excited, and I think a lot of the people in the audience were his friends, so they knew all the songs and they helped hype him up,” said Empey.

But although Friday’s friends were supportive, even people who did not know Friday personally, such as Empey, found the performance exciting. Empey had heard good reviews of Friday’s first performance in the winter, and so she decided to attend his latest show.

Empey said, “I didn’t know any of his songs before going. I went because while I was in [Paresky] Commons he came in and yelled, ‘I’ll see you all at my show tonight!’ So my friends and I went to see it…My favorite part was probably when Tafari was crowd surfing, I’ve never actually been somewhere when someone was crowd surfing so it was kinda crazy.”

Friday said that his performance of “Facetime” was his highlight of the evening. According to Friday, he had written “Facetime” during the winter term after talking to a girl on Facetime. With lyrics like “You’re the only one I want on my Facetime / Caramel all the way down to your waistline,” the song was a crowd favorite.

“It’s catchy. It’s a feeling everyone wants to feel. Everyone wants to feel loved; everyone wants that feeling of being desired. So when you hear that song, it creates that vibe,” said Friday.

Friday had a similar performance winter term and used the experience to help develop and grow as an artist. Reflecting on his past performance, Friday expressed that the most important aspect of the performance was for the crowd to enjoy it and have fun. He used what he had learned and channeled it into Friday’s performance.

“I wasn’t as sure of myself the first time, because it was [my first solo performance],” said Friday. “You just have to give it all you have. If people are sitting down, you want them to stand up.”

With his increased confidence, Friday delivered a brief but entertaining performance. According to Aren Eguekwe ’22, Friday’s performance was “very interesting.”

“I went because Tafari is a funny person, and I knew he would put on a show,” said Eguekwe, “After the performance was pretty chill. After he played Facetime again, he walked off the stage and everyone pretty much left like nothing happened. The atmosphere felt like I was at a Travis Scott concert. Tafari Thursday? Nah, Tafari Friday.”