Student Reactions to Endgame

The long-awaited “Avengers: Endgame” came to theaters on April 24th. Students flocked to theaters to see the film. Some students caught Friday night showings, while others woke up early on Saturday morning to view 7 a.m. showings. Other students, unable to see the film last weekend, have been avoiding “spoilers” for the film until they are able to make a trip to theaters. What do students think of the culmination of the Avengers series? Editor’s Note: This spread has been heavily vetted and has been verified “spoiler-free.”

Jason Huang ’21

I would say the movie could control its pace better. Sometimes the pace is too slow and sometimes the pace is too fast that I could not process the information. I haven’t seen many M.C.U. movies before, but I would say it is one of the best I’ve seen. I actually don’t have much experience, but I am sure you do enjoy them a lot. Although I do not follow all of the movies, I am happy with the plot. And I think Marvel really did a good job building the whole plot.

Axel Ladd ’20

I think it was different than the previous Avengers, but I did feel that there was similarities to Infinity War, overall. I feel like there might be one or two discontinuities, but overall I think I am satisfied. My favorite character is Scarlet Witch because she is a badass, and then also, I did Model UN in high school and I played Scarlet Witch. I mean, she has an amazing back story, she is not a perfect hero, she has a tragic past, she has a reason to be a hero, and I just love her overall as a character.

Allison Zhu ’19

I think in a way this movie was more for Marvel fans, in a sense that they dropped a lot of hints and references to previous Marvel movies. For me, I haven’t watched every single one, and a lot of the older ones, say the first Iron Man, I watched a while back. But even as someone who did not rewatch everything right before Endgame, I understood a lot of the references. I have a couple of different characters that I absolutely love. First of all, the Hulk— I think he is hilarious and his sarcastic comments that he drops here and there always crack me up. I love Black Widow and her story, from essentially not having any family or any people she can rely on, she kept building a team herself. And of course Iron Man. Also, I love Tom Holland and Spiderman and I think his character will become bigger in the box office soon.

Natalie Chen ’22

I liked how it was very plot-based and not a lot of fight scenes, which in some of the older movies, I feel like that was the case. But I like how this one was: it made sense in the way that they did the plot, and the ending also made sense because of everything else that happened in the movie.

Ryan Mai ’21

I bought tickets April 2, that’s when I think when it first came out, and I was on the Fandango line waiting for ticket. I grew up watching all the other movies and also keeping up with the television series, so it was kind of this really nice turning the page, kind of clues of an era, which is also what they wanted it do be. And it kinda says ‘okay, we are moving on from these characters this week’. For me, I grew up with the superheroes that had been around for 11 years, and really I think it was just a really big thing for me.

Andy Kim ’19

Probably the most emotionally exhilarating and straining movie I’ve ever seen in this decade. I cried a lot.

Angel Cleare ’19

I think they did a really good job of connecting all the plots from previous Marvel movies to one movie… I think Black Widow is my favorite character in the movie because of the way she performs in the movies.

Salvador Gomez ’21

I unfollowed all Marvel meme and fan pages on Twitter and Instagram and all that, just to keep myself away from spoilers. And I felt like it paid off; it felt like it was a really really really awesome experience. It is the end of an era. It is an end of a whole series that built up to this. It is interesting because I think throughout the process, these are movies that had been, somehow, the directors of all these movies find a way to make them flow, to put everything over ten years, 11 years, and make everything connect.

Will Harmon ’22

I thought it was a really great movie, super wellmade, and it was definitely worth three hours…it really brought together the Avenger superheroes. The Endgame was a little more emotional than certain other ones, and it also sort of tied everything together. I mean Infinity War was also similar in that way, however, Endgame was the end of the franchise.

Jada Li ’21

I was a really big fan. I think it was a huge accomplishment cinematically, because it brought superheroes together with each other with a really satisfying end. Iron Man is my favorite character, because of his story arc and because of his struggled past and changes he had gone through in the movies…I think that is what makes him so attractive and just so beautiful.

Adam Hassanein ’22

I left the theatre feeling really satisfied, and the ending I have mixed feelings about, but it was satisfying the way a lot of the character arcs ended and overall just like watching it. It was a really enjoyable cinematic event for me and the people I was there with. And overall, the day later, I was still thinking about it. I would probably say Iron man is my favorite character just because I really like Robert Downey Jr., and I think the way he portrays him is really similar to how he is in real life. I see a lot of parallels between his own struggles in life with the character, and the way that he plays him is just so intriguing

Shree Menon ’20

I feel like the movie was an amazing film, which is one of the best films that I have ever seen. And in three hours, many people claim that may be too long for movies, but the movie flew by for me, and the three hours doesn’t feel like three hours at all. It covered everything—a pretty combination that lasted for 11 years, which is pretty much my childhood, something I grew up with until now. There are a lot of mixed elements including comedy, a bunch of action-packed new ideas that came in, and tragedy and sadness too. It was a perfect blend of all of those elements. The comedy that you see in Thor Ragnarok and other movies are somewhat similar in Endgame and everyone added a certain element that made the sad or nostalgic parts of the movie alright.