Celine Cheung ’19 Integrates Both Classical and Modern Repertoire

J.Kim/The Phillipian

During her recital, Celine Cheung ’19. who is a member of Fidelio and the Academy Chorus, performed songs of different genres, from opera to musical theater.

With a swift intake of breath, Celine Cheung ’19 began her final song with a clear note, her voice soaring above the pianist as they harmonized in “Laurie’s Song” from the opera “The Tender Land,” by Aaron Copland.

Cheung said, [“Laurie’s Song” is] basically about the character of the story, how she’s graduating, how she’s moving on to bigger things and noticing how the world she’s in is really small. I think that is sort of concurrent to what I’m feeling right now too.”

Last Friday night, Cheung held her Senior Recital in the Timken Room of Graves Hall. She decided to hold the recital to express her love for music, and to sing to her friends.

“I’ve always really loved singing, and I think it’s just a natural progression for me to want to show what I’ve been working on in music to all of my friends. I do a lot of classical music, and I am a part of Fidelio. And usually there’s not that many opportunities for me to show what I love to my friends, so I think this is an opportunity for me to do that,” said Cheung.

Cheung has been singing in choirs since the age of five and has participated in many music groups on campus, such as Fidelio and the Academy Chorus. Being in those groups has helped Cheung become confident as a performer and develop her passion for singing.

“I think being at Andover has helped me a lot, especially in terms of working in choirs, and small groups, and small chamber choirs, and especially being in Fidelio. I also had my own chamber choir for a while. It definitely helped me realize that I really love music and I want to do it for the rest of my life and have as much involvement as I can,” said Cheung.

At the recital, Cheung performed works from a classical repertoire, as well as opera and musical theater accompanied by piano. According to Cheung, her favorite pieces to perform were “Laurie’s Song,” and “Chanson D’amour” by Gabriel Fauré.

“I really liked singing the Chanson piece because it’s a very emotional song and it carries a lot of meaning, and I really liked expressing that in front of my friends as well,” said Cheung.

Miraya Bhayani ’21, a friend of Cheung, attended the recital to support Cheung and watch her perform.

“I really enjoyed the performance. I think Celine has a beautiful voice and she also sits next to me in chorus. I love listening to her voice then, and I love listening to her voice now,” said Bhayani.