News in Brief

News in Brief
* Friday was the last spring revisit day for prospective students and families. Visiting students were paired with a host to experience a typical academic day at Andover. The administration also programmed specific activities designed to provide a outlook on life at Andover. [a][b]
* On April 8, a new exhibition featuring prints of Bob Erickson and sculptures of Therese Zemlin, Instructor in Art, Return to the Place You Already Are, opened in the Gelb Gallery. The artists behind the exhibition discussed their work last Wednesday. The exhibition will be on display until May 11.
* On Friday, April 12, the Addison Gallery of American Art hosted a launching party from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. featuring its most recent exhibitions.

Looking Ahead
* The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (G.S.A.) will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary this coming weekend, including workshops about LGBTQIA+ leadership, a keynote by the founder of Andover’s G.S.A., and the third annual drag show on Friday night.
* On Tuesday, April 16, the Massachusetts Archaeological Society will meet at the Peabody Institute of Archaeology to discuss archaeology in Ancient Roman Cyprus.