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Andover Girls Lacrosse Loses After Allowing Three Goals in Final Three Minutes

As a Deerfield attacker ran with a clear line towards goal, Co-Captain Jo Caico ’19 rushed into the eight meter arc, causing her attacker to turn the ball over. Although this play began Andover’s transition upfield, the team went on to lose 9-10 to Deerfield after letting in three goals in the last three minutes of the game.
The team also fell 5-13 to Nobles on Saturday. The team’s record now stands at 1-3.
Before the Deerfield game, Andover worked on its transition offence and learned new defensive strategies to slow down the opponent, according to Abby Ryan ’21.
“In practice on Monday, we were working on some 1 v. 1s from the midfield so that we can make more decisive moves on offense while keeping the pace of the game pretty fast, and [also] so that we can work on defensive positioning,” Ryan wrote in an email to The Phillipian.
Although the pace of the game against Deerfield was significantly faster than Andover’s previous games, the team had prepared for that as well, according to Jess Scott ’20 and Emily Smith ’21.
Scott wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “We stayed composed throughout the majority of our game and came out strong from the beginning. We started off with a 4-1 lead and did a really good job of locking onto all of Deerfield’s mistakes and coming up with really good plays from them. The pace of the game was also faster and more intense than any of our games this season, and it showed in the score until the last couple of minutes.”
Smith said, “Throughout the whole game, the team had a very high level of energy and intensity. In the last couple games, our coach expressed her concern for our energy right from the first whistle, and in this game, we were up a a couple points early in the game. In our practices, we spent a lot of time working on our transition, and for this game, the team really used what we worked on at practice.”
The game against Deerfield enabled the team to understand the depth of its ability, according to Scott.
Scott wrote, “I learned that our team is capable of playing at a level that will challenge even the best teams in our league this season. I knew we had it in us, but I was so proud to see everyone pushing so hard to win a game we all knew we deserved. We were so willing to fight, and this game only reinforced that we’ll never give up no matter what the score is.”
Against Nobles, Andover continued to struggle with turnovers according to Abby Ryan ’21.
Ryan wrote, “There were a lot of unforced turnovers, especially in the beginning of the game, so we are working in practice on eliminating those. Sometimes the ball felt rushed in the attacking end, so keeping our composure will be important, but we are also trying to speed-up the pace of the game.”
However, Ryan noted that a highlight of the game was the four goals by Carly Kreytak ’20.
Andover looks to rebound this Friday against Dexter Southfield and this Saturday against Pingree.

Apr 13, 2019