Baseball Coach Feature: Assistant Coach Christopher Capano ’77 Fosters Inclusivity

M.Levy/The Phillipian

In addition to baseball, Christopher Capano ’77 is the Director of Student Activities.

How did you first get into baseball?

I’ve played baseball since I was a little kid and just always loved it, knew I wasn’t good enough to play a lot, so I decided to start and try to coach.

What is your favorite aspect of the sport?

I love the teamwork involved—that everyone has a job to do and if you do it all together, you play well.

Why do you love the sport at Andover?

I think the baseball program at Andover is great because it’s a great group of young players and…managers; our coaches are fun to work with [as well]. [Head] Coach [Kevin] Graber, [K.G.], makes sure we have a ton of fun while we’re practicing and playing, our practices are very high energy, lot of going on, not a lot of standing around, so everyone is having a fun time while we’re still learning. And the other thing is that working with K.G. is great, he is a great teacher, and so you get to see our players improve a lot over the years they’re here over the season because he does such a good job teaching the game.

What are you excited about for the coming season?

Baseball season’s great because the weather starts getting better, so just the fact of getting to play baseball and get outside and be outdoors, that alone is great. But we also have a great group of players who we’re excited to have, we have about ten guys coming back and about seven or eight new guys who are going to be part of the team. And just getting to see them be together and play with each other and play as a team will be very fun.

What is your top goal this season?

I think just to play our best every chance we get. Coach Graber has a saying that if you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. I think we truly believe that, so we want to just do our best and take care of all those little things and if we do that, we’ll be fine.

What do you love about coaching?

Getting to know the players. I meet kids who I wouldn’t normally meet on campus and they’re great kids, whether they’re our student managers or players from the last guy on the bench to the star player, you just get to meet and get to know people and kind of maintain those relationship for years.

What is your favorite team/ player?

player? I’m from here so I’m a huge Boston Red Sox fan. My favorite player of all time is probably Pedro Martinez.

What do you plan on working on in practices this season?

Our main goal at baseball practice is to be prepared for every situation that comes up and knowing what to do in those situations. We work on a lot of very specific skills instead of just general things. We show the guys, ‘this is an important situation and this is what to do in that situation,’ so that’s always a big thing.