Player to Watch: Derrick Brown ’20 Brings 10 Years of Golf Experience to Andover

Derrick Brown ’20 initially began playing golf because his sister played.

A native of Chicago, Ill., and member of Andover Golf since his Junior year, Derrick Brown ’20 has been a relentless athlete on the course for the team, according to Captain Harry Choi ’19.

“Derrick is one of the biggest competitors I know. Besides being a very skilled player, he’s a grinder on the course. Whether he’s playing good or bad, he’s always going to try to find a way to win. You want guys like Derrick on your team. He’s got a lot of potential, and I can’t wait to see him go off this year,” said Choi.

Brown’s contributions on the course have earned him The Phillipian’s title of Player to Watch.

How long have you been playing golf for?

About ten years now. I picked up the sport from my sister and from there I’ve taken it on my own.

What’s your favorite thing about the sport?

Probably the fact that it’s a solitary pursuit. I mean, I’ve never really loved team sports, maybe it’s because I don’t get along with other people all that well all the time, but I think it’s great when I can just work on and pursue something on my own. That way, I am mentally in the zone, and it is more quiet.

Would you rather see in the dark or breathe underwater and why?

Breathe underwater. Considering the fact that I have a flashlight on my phone all the time, and honestly I’m not out in the dark all that much, I think that breathing underwater would be pretty cool. I wouldn’t have any fear of drowning, which is an obvious benefit. I could go see a lot of cool stuff.

Do you like watching golf on TV?

Yes. I usually try to watch when I’m at home, not so much when I’m at school. It’s nice to see how the pros do it.

Do you have a favorite pro?

Tiger Woods. The classic. He’s the greatest of all time, and a great role model. You can’t go wrong with him.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

We lost a lot of Seniors last year, which of course is sad, but I think that gives opportunities for a lot of new kids trying out. They can really step up and show how good they are. So I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who’s trying out, both those new to the team, and some of the returners too, to see how they can do.

What is your earliest memory of playing golf?

That would have to be me, my sister, and my mother out on the golf course, and I was probably around seven years old. We were playing at a golf course just five minutes down the street from our house. My sister and I have always been very competitive, even though she’s a lot older, and I just have this very vivid memory of us standing on the green. I made a little bet with her, I think about ten dollars, that I could make a forty foot putt, which, for anyone who knows anything about golf, is incredibly difficult. Of course she took the bet, and I promptly sunk the put, which was incredibly satisfying, and was probably the reason we are still very competitive to this day.

Would you say golf is more mental or physical?

I’ve heard so many people say that golf isn’t a sport, because you are not super physically engaged. You walk quite a bit, but it’s definitely more of a mental game, because it comes down to mostly technique, staying out of your own head, and making sure that you can keep in the zone, keep paying attention to what you were doing, and not get distracted. It is a sport, but it’s more mental than physical.

Do people actually golf clap? Is that a thing?

Not on the course, because they aren’t spectators. No one really cares when it’s just us playing around. If someone hits a nice shot, we’ll tell them they hit a nice shot. It’s only for a tournament where you have to be ultra respectful. So no, not really.

What is your favorite cartoon and why?

Tom and Jerry. I think the fact that its been on T.V. for so long is so amazing. All of the episodes are so amazing, honestly I might just go back to my dorm and watch some now! They’re just so funny, and the fact that there aren’t really that many voices to it, and they do the sound effects so well, and the animation is just wonderful.