Studnets Stumble Upon Night of Fun at Lip Sync Battle

Students performed onstage at Susie’s on the Friday ahead of the three-day weekend.

The opening beats of “Cry for You” by September pulsed from the speakers as Chi Igbokwe ’21 and Thania Martinez ’21 danced and sang around on stage, with backup dancers Azariah Jones ’21, Ross Vieira ’21, and Claude Sayi ’21 swaying at the front. Their act was just one of many at the 2019 Lip Sync Battle, hosted by the Student Activities Board in Susie’s last Friday.  

“It’s fun to pretend you’re a performer and get up on stage. The first [song] “Cry for You” is just a really cool song. It’s a really boppy song; I always sing it in my room, I have my own little [choreography] for it… why not bring that to the stage?’” Igbokwe said.

Despite the fact that many performers did not prepare in advance and did not know the lyrics, the lip syncing was still entertaining for performer and audience alike.

Kate Pfister ’21, who performed “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga with a group of friends, said, “I didn’t really know many of the lyrics, but I don’t think anyone really did, we all just winged it… No one really had any idea of what they were doing, but we figured it along the way. [There was] lots of energy up on the stage.”

Many students ended up coming to the event accidentally, but still ended up enjoying the unexpected entertainment. Chenault Ellis ’22 performed numerous times and even busted out
‘The Worm’ dance move on stage.

Ellis said, “I didn’t decide to come, I just found my way here. I was chilling in [Susie’s] and then I saw the lights go down and I saw the mics and I was like, ‘Oh, what is this?’ Some people got up on stage and were like, ‘We’re gonna start Lip-Syncing’ and I was like, ‘Ok, yeah, sure.’”

Editor’s Note: Ross Vieira is a Copy Editor for The Phillipian.