Casino Night 2019

Natasha Muromcew ’22

[At Casino Night] we can all come together and hang out without feeling stressed out. The vibes are really fun, spicy really, and I think it’s also super chill. I kind of wanted to go for a more “hello, scandalous” outfit. Tonight is definitely the night to try something a little out of the comfort zone.

Nick Demetroulakos ’19

I took my Facebook profile picture at Casino Night with my proctor Lower Year; it is still my profile picture. I used my fashionably artistic eye to really throw everything together. Not a lot of time, effort, or thought went into this.


Karin Ulanovsky ’20

I like gambling, especially because I don’t know the rules of any of the games. I don’t ever go for the safer bets; I just put it down, and then they’re like, ‘Oh you didn’t get the money,’ and then I laugh and I go to the next one. But I always make the least safe bets because I’m crazy.

Sydney Morris ’22

I think [Casino Night] is going to be a really fun school-wide event where I can hang out with friends and have some fun! [My favorite thing so far is] gambling because I’ve never done it before, and I like trying something new.

Hannah Dastgheib ’22

I came for the vibe tonight. I came for the opportunity to socialize with friends and to have a fun night. It brings everyone together to so we can have a good time. I am going pretty basic tonight. I thought it would be exciting to get a little bougie tonight.


Tyler Murphy ’19

Casino Night has been my favorite event basically every year since [Junior] year. There was no doubt that I would be back again. [My outfit inspiration was] probably some Senior my [Junior] year. I knew I always wanted to be a Senior with a fur coat.

Natalie Chen ’22 and Kiera Suh ’22

We have never been to Casino Night so we thought it would be really fun to see what everything was. A lot of the upperclassmen told us it was fun. Crazy Rich Asians [inspired us]! We saw it was Oscar themed, and so we were like, “We’ll go and do it!”


Adaeze Izuegbunam ’20

I come every year. I am always of the mentality that even if I’m not super excited about the event, maybe I’ll regret one day down the road not going. This year, my friends all decided to coordinate wearing red; the guys are wear- ing red ties, another friend of mine is wearing a red dress. So it’s really fun. I really like getting ready for things, let alone the actual dress.