Look of the Week: Victor Malzahn ’21 Wears Beanies in a “Southern California Meets New England” Style

C.Waggoner/The Phillipian

Victor Malzahn ’21 combines solid black Vans and navy patterned sweatpants with a moss green Mammoth hoodie. He tops it off with a navy beanie, creating a laidback, relaxed look.

“[Malzahn’s] hair looks really cool when he wears beanies – it’s very pimp. Victor has long hair, so whenever he wears a beanie, it just kind of flows out,” said Hannah Guy ’21, a friend of Malzahn.

Guy believes Malzahn might have adopted beanies as his staple item because of the influence of snowboarders. As a snowboarder himself, Malzahn admits to drawing inspiration from professionals of a similar age.

“I watch a lot of snowboarding videos. Snowboarders are tight; Danny Davis and Red Gerard… He won X-Games slopestyle last year. It was unreal. Those guys are icons to me,” said Malzahn.

According to Guy, Malzahn has stayed true to his signature pieces of clothing—notably, a mustard yellow beanie— from the very beginning of his time on campus.

“His style is very him and he won’t let other people influence how he dresses. I think his style reflects that, whether it’s how he dresses or how he acts. He wears what he wants to wear, he doesn’t wear things based on what’s trending,” said Guy.

Malzahn’s friend, Violet Enes ’21, added that Malzahn cannot leave the dorm without his gray sweatpants.

“There’s a hole in the leg and it progressively gets bigger every time he wears them… it goes along with his vision of being relaxed, just not really caring about what other people think,” Enes said.

Enes describes Malzahn’s style as “Southern California meets New England.” According to Enes, his fashion revolves around color-blocking with complimentary colors, and rarely features fancy designs or graphics.

“He tends to wear shades on the bottom half of his body, while he color-blocks on the top half. The Carhartt jacket is what he uses as his staple look,” Enes said.

Malzahn gets his clothing from all sorts of places: from Liverpool to local California stores.

“I really love my Cavern hoodie – [Cavern] is a bar in Liverpool, and my dad bought it… [I also wear] Sea Jive, a company from my town,” Malzahn said.

Malzahn first adopted his current look in middle school, and hasn’t looked back since.

In [elementary school], I used to wear a polo shirt every day, but in middle school, I was like, ‘why am I wearing a polo shirt everyday? Why don’t I just go to school comfortable? There’s no dress code.’ So I did that,” Malzahn said.

C.Waggoner/The Phillipian

Victor Malzahn ’21 said that he creates his looks by wearing whatever he’s
comfortable in and not being affected by others’ opinions.