Superbowl LIII Student Reactions

Brooklyn Regan ’22

“The actual game was really boring and slow. It was a low-scoring game, so it wasn’t very exciting. The half-time show was just…weird. I didn’t like it. It left a bad taste in my mouth. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and they stooped low with going from Lady Gaga and Beyoncé to Maroon 5”

Liv Martens PG ’19

“Since it was my first Super Bowl, it was really exciting to see the difference between the football played in the Super Bowl and the football here played at [Andover] because that was the only football that I’d ever seen before, and I was surprised that it was so low scoring, but I enjoyed watching it, and it was definitely something that I would watch again when I’m back in Germany.”

Daniel Echeverri ’22

“It wasn’t that interesting. [In] the first three quarters six points were scored, but somehow the Patriots scored ten in the fourth quarter which was…whatever, I guess. It was really boring, not gonna lie. I didn’t like [the halftime show] that much, [but] it wasn’t awful.”

Emily Smith ‘22

“The most exciting part was in the last two minutes because [the game] was really heated and [the Patriots] got the ball back. After the game, it was really nice with the streamers falling down. Overall, it was a really well-coached game and the defensive play was amazing. There were only like 13 points in the whole game, which is pretty cool.”

Caleb Blackburn-Johnson ’22

“I was really impressed by Bill Belichick [’71] and Brian Flores’ [’71] defensive plan coming into the game. They managed to hold the Rams to nine percent of their season average for points. I think Stephan Gilmore should have won M.V.P.”

Sophia Gudinas ’22

“I wasn’t going to watch the Super Bowl but I came in at the second half. I saw the score and I was like, ‘What?’ It was so low-scoring so I was really surprised. But the Patriots won so that wasn’t surprising. The halftime show was bad and Spongebob should have been there more.

Joshua Fry ’21

“I gave the Super Bowl a chance. It wasn’t very interesting. It would’ve been incredibly more interesting if the actual winner of the NFC championship had been in it. [The] Rams didn’t belong.”

Brandon Chandler ’20

“I thought the game was pretty slow compared to most football games. The final result was 13-3, and all the way into the third quarter it was only about 3-0, eventually getting to 3-3. It could’ve been better played.”

Yara Attia ’21

“It’s like they used Spongebob [during the halftime show] to attract viewers, to transition into a Travis Scott performance. They used Spongebob for ‘Sicko Mode’ and I don’t know how to feel about that…I think everything about [the Superbowl] was subpar.”

Jack Fates ’22

“I’m happy that [the Patriots] won. It was just not as exciting of a game that I was hoping for. It was very boring.”