Highlights from Andover’s Fifth Annual Flash Films

A Day in the Life: Admissions Officer

Writers: Loulou Sloss ’22 and Natalie Chen ’22 Director: Cameron Kang ’21

“A Day in the Life: Admissions Officer” displays the trials and tribulations of interviewing prospective students. Caceras plays a video-game nerd, a lax bro, and a makeup-obsessed teenager, each interviewed by an admissions officer, Muromcew. Muromcew suffers through boring conversations, unwanted touchiness, and arrogant attitudes while she decides who makes the cut.

“I decided to participate in this because I did it last year, just on a whim I guess, not planning on doing it with any friends. But I went, had a really good time, I met a lot of new friends, so I decided to redo my experience of joy. It was stressful, disappointing, heartbreaking, it was joyful, I would call it analogous to giving birth—that feeling of euphoria. I think I was just so glad when it was finally done, but also, I would do it all over again,” said Kang.

Heartbreak Hill

Writers: Ryan Mai ’21, Kedai Wei ’21, Claire de Saint Phalle ’21, and Melani Garcia ’21

Directors: Ryan Mai ’21, Olwethu Ngubo ’21

“Heartbreak Hill” follows the investigation of the murder of Nathan Bridges, played by Wilde. Jo, a cop, interviews three suspects: Garcia, Nathan’s best friend, played by Ngubo, and de Saint Phalle, Nathan’s girlfriend. The film jumps back and forth in time to slowly reveal who killed Nathan Bridges. “It looked pretty fun and a few people in my dorm were doing it, so I decided to try it. We got there at 8:00 p.m. the night before, we stayed up until 2:30 a.m. writing it. The next day we woke up pretty early, and we spent all day filming and editing it. We finished it at 6:30 p.m.,” said De Saint Phalle.

The Incredible Competition of Speed: Search for the Chard

Writers & Directors: David Owyang ’21 and Myles Ringel ’21

Reality-TV style film “The Incredible Competition of Speed: Search for the Chard” depicts the contest between two longtime best friends: Sharpay Stern, played by Jacob Buehler ’19, and Braxlee Vanderweel, played by Ringel. The two race downtown on broomsticks to see who can retrieve a stalk of chard from Whole Foods first.

Ringel said, “You basically get to joke around all night with your friends. [My favorite part] was staying up late and writing. Also making myself seem like an idiot in public. [For inspiration,] I saw roller chairs, and I thought how fun would it be to roll down a hill in one.”

Jack Murphy

Writers & Directors: Will Yun ’20 and Julian Baz ’20

Jack Murphy ’20 stars in the title role of this action film. He escapes special-effect explosions on a motorcycle, retrieves the “Declaration of Independence,” and defeats a supervillain—all while dressed in a suit and tie. “It was a totally impulsive decision, and I was not totally sure that I wanted to follow through with the film until I read the script by Will and Julian; then I was hooked. I was not a large part of the creative process of this film. I just tried to portray the writer’s and director’s visions for the film in my acting. The jaw-dropping performance from Nicolas Cage in National Treasure was my true inspiration for my acting role. To get into character, I locked myself in my room, and yelled in the mirror at myself for a few minutes. Then, I felt like Jack Murphy, and I was ready,” said Murphy.