Sketchy Satirizes Andover Student Experiences

In one of the skits puttting a comedic spin on life at Andover, Wyatt Rogers ’22 takes on the role of Head of School John Pafrey.

“Scoop up my grandfather’s ashes and throw them in the river!” rapped Co-Head Rachna Lewis ’19, gesticulating with her hands and tipping her bejeweled sunglasses at her audience.

The skit, in which Co-Head Ina Megalli ’20, a self-proclaimed “sound artist,” attempts to combine Kanye West’s rap with the sounds of her dying grandmother, was performed for Sketchy’s performance last Friday in the Black Box Theater.

The pair began the show by introducing each member of the group: Henry Crater ’20, Emily Jackson ’19, Mac Katkavich ’21, Jenni Lawson ’19, Elizabeth Chou ’22, Loulou Sloss ’22, and Wyatt Rogers ’22.

“Tonight’s a little bittersweet, because it’s the first and last show of the year,” Megalli said during the performance, “We’ve been forced to disband after maxing out [Student Activity Director] Chris Capano’s credit card on Domino’s and fake mustaches.”

The performance continued with comedic sketches and monologues, many of which were satirical takes on student life on campus. The skits included “Girlfriend from Home,” “Sykes Computer,” and “Leadership Training.”

“Usually we like to have a balance of ‘Andover-centric’ skits and just general ‘world’ skits, which is why the Kanye one was in there, but it just happened that [in] this show we had a lot of [Andover] sketches,” said Lewis.

Although the show was organized with only a week left to memorize lines and rehearse all together, the group felt that they had a successful night. The newer members of Sketchy expressed some anxiety about performing live, especially with less time for preparation, but their nerves alleviated as the show progressed smoothly.

“I think it went great. At first not that many people showed up, like when it hit 8:00 p.m., so we were kind of worried. But then people came, which was good. Nobody had an anxiety breakdown, or forgot any of their lines, so that’s good. It all went really smoothly and the audience enjoyed it,” said Chou.

Audience members responded positively to the show, finding the skits relatable and grounded in the Andover experience. According to audience member Sarah Wang ’22, the comedic performance was a refreshing break after midterm week.

Jeffrey Steele ’20, another audience member, added, “It was so funny, especially the jokes that were made about chorus, because I’m a chorus member and I could relate so much… it was absolutely hilarious, and I was laughing in my seat, about to roll over.”