Ria’s Flick Picks

Hey, my name is Ria Vieira. In the upcoming weeks I’m going to be expressing my love for movies by reviewing some great or not-so-great films. If you want to discuss the movie or this column with me, please contact me at!

“A Star is Born”


After a circumstantial encounter between struggling singer Ally (Lady Gaga) and rockstar Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), Ally is launched into a whirlwind romance and the fame, as well as the opportunities, that come with it. As Ally’s career progresses, she faces new struggles surrounding her relationship with Jackson.


Since “A Star is Born” has been remade multiple times since 1937 and Bradley Cooper stays fairly close to the original script, there is not much ingenuity to comment on compared to the previous films. However, that is not meant to cheapen Cooper’s execution of the story. While the plotline was a familiar one, Cooper excelled in bringing modern characters, emotions, and complexities to the forefront of his film. A side glance away was evidence of a character’s drinking problem. A long breath out with an extended close up shot was evidence of heartbreak. Through his character and camera direction, Cooper effectively created dramatic scenes where the characters were saying things without actually saying anything.


Both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were enthralling in their separate performances as two differently flawed and passionate musicians. Their scenes together, however, were especially phenomenal. Their connection to each other felt so strong that it was almost visible. The result was an on-screen relationship that was magical, crippling, passionate, and nothing less than breathtaking.

Rating: 8/10

A film that proves that a remake doesn’t necessarily mean repetition.