Spirit Week: GO BIG BLUE

Spirit Week allows the student body to express their excitement for A/E Weekend.

Monday: Cluster Wars

Students wore bright hues in a colorful display of cluster pride: red for West Quad North (WQN), orange for West Quad South (WQS), yellow for Flagstaff (FLG), green for Pine Knoll (PKN), and blue for Abbot (ABB).

Tyler Murphy ’19:

I got the green suit because I am in PKN and I really don’t own any green. So I wanted to just buy a solid green outfit that was also funny. I went on Amazon, and the first thing I thought of was a morph suit, which kind of got me thinking about the fat suit. It was pretty cheap, so I ordered it. I think Spirit Week has been tons of fun for myself, and I have heard a lot of other people say the same.



Tuesday: Generations.

Each class dressed up as a certain age group: Juniors as babies, Lowers as middle schoolers, Uppers as parents, and Seniors as senior citizens.

Josephina Caico ’19:

My great-aunts that live in Florida dress like this, so I thought I’d literally just look like them. I’ve got the pearls. I was really looking for that look. My friend that goes to Pingree actually just had an old people psych, [or] a senior citizen psych, so I just borrowed her stuff. I’m not sure where she got it — maybe Party City or something.This is my own sweater, though.



Wednesday: ‘80s Disco

Students wore neon shirts, holographic pants, sequined jackets, endless amounts of denim, and other disco-themed clothes to evoke the ’80s.

Emily Ho ’20:

My costume was made overnight, and I basically sourced clothing from a friends closet because I didn’t have neon of my own. I conveniently had scrunchies, so I just added that and wanted leg warmers but that didn’t work out. Dressing up is super fun but low-key stressful.






Thursday: Exeter Geek Day

Andover students took on the role of “geeky” Phillips Exeter Academy students, carrying calculators and donning all red, suspenders, knee-high stockings, sweater vests, and the occasional bowtie.


Stephen Hendarta ‘21

I had borrowed my friend’s bow tie, and I just put on a button down. I had these glasses already from Halloween, so I just put them on, and I’m like, ‘I look like a geek.’ Me and my friends have matching glasses but different colors, so it was a group effort.”





Show off your Andover pride and bleed blue!