Halloween Dance

Kendall McCullom ’21:

“Katie [McCullom ’21] was [the] angel and I was [the] devil. We thought it would be ironic for us to dress up as an angel and a devil because Katie’s personality is definitely more deviant than mine.”


Celeste Robinson ’22:

“My friends and I went as the Spice Girls. We all sort of just tried to recreate our characters’ most memorable outfits and hairstyles.

I remember the costume contest being really funny. It was cool to see what sorts of ideas people had come up with like puns or elaborate group costumes.”

Warren Clark ’21:

“My roommate [Sophia Ma ’21] and I remade one of her baby photos. She and a childhood friend are five or six in the original picture, and we tried our best to wear the same costumes they did.”

Alisa Crueger-Cain ’20:

“To be honest, [the dance] was a little underwhelming. The DJs were playing music that has been way too overplayed, and at this point aren’t fun to dance to.”