Night on the Knoll

Night On The Knoll is an outdoor event hosted biannually every fall and spring term by Pine Knoll Cluster. Although a relatively new event, the night usually consists of student performances, food, live music, and games. Last Friday, Night On The Knoll was held in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity’s Sanctuary Screamfest, a haunted walk through the sanctuary.

Sam Katz ’19 (PKN Co-President)

Last year we realized the Knoll had a stage that wasn’t really used, like ever. So that was a real catalyst to coming up with the event… we said to ourselves, “Well why don’t we have a night, where we just put as many things together — we got food, we got activities, we got performers, put some blankets and tables all together, and see what happens?”

Angelreana Choi ’19 (PKN Co-President)

We foster community by putting on events such as these because [they] are really good opportunities for creating families on campus… I think my favorite part of the event is having the blankets out in front of the stage, because it’s just very chill and coffeehouse-like, and I really like that vibe. It’s not a forced bonding event, but it’s just chill, sit if you want.

Clara Tu ’21

I loved it so far. It has been a blast. It’s mostly the haunted forest block. It was such a rush going through, especially with all my friends. I loved using the glow sticks and just getting scared because it’s such a rush of adrenaline. The acts were [also] good. My favorite was definitely Sofia Garcia [’21] and then the beatboxing one, [Eliot Min ’19].

Jack Murphy ’20

I think the weather turned out to be perfect, the lights are great, and it’s very well-organized, and the live music is awesome. We [were] missing the food trucks… And I thought the food was kind of scarce, to be completely honest. Not great options. It was nice when the food trucks were here.

Araba Aidoo ’20

I feel like this year [was] more intimate. [Last year’s event was] really good but it was mainly just about food and hanging out, but I like the fact that there’s karaoke and people can go up and sing and stuff like that. I feel like it’s more connected, this Night on the Knoll.

Sophie Glaser ’22

It was funny seeing people’s reactions [in Screamfest] to when you did different things because some people went through and they were super scared of our people, or they predicted everything, so they were going through very calm and cool about it.

Denise Taveras ’21 (Performer)

Night on the Knoll has been pretty fun. A lot of people that performed so far, I’ve never seen perform, so it was cool to see them sing for the first time or play their instruments, see the new talent on campus. Also, a lot of the people, when I performed, were very supportive and fun. I tend to be very critical of my singing, but here, it was really chill and I felt very comfortable.

Karen Sun ’20 (Organizer)

I absolutely loved the music and then the lights and the stage; the entire set-up, plus the performances, just created this incredible ambiance where it was a mix of a coffeehouse with a really casual picnic and I loved it. Everyone looked super cozy. Everyone who was performing did absolutely amazing, and I have to say that the talent of everyone that performed was probably my favorite part.

Shyan Koul ’19 was one of the featured performers at Night on the Knoll, performing a few numbers with the student jazz band, the Brett Sextet.

O.Tung/The Phillipian

Henry Crater ’20 performed a few solo pieces on his guitar.