Dorm Room Features

Kate Netto ’20:

I like my hall a lot and I wanted to create something that was not only comfortable for me but a good communal place. I love using soft colors. I think beige is a particularly underrated color because when it’s used really well, it can create something really warm and comfortable, especially if there are little dashes of color. I have stuff that’s light blue sprinkled about and plants to really [make the room] pop.

Ash Cohan ’20:

[The room decor] was all my mom. I have terrible taste; I take zero credit. She just disappeared to an IKEA for eight hours and came back. She deep cleaned my whole room. She bought this massive black-and-white photo of Amsterdam. That’s special because, for my dad’s fiftieth birthday two years ago, we as a family went to Amsterdam. I thought it was nice and I took a Polaroid photo of the two of us and I wrote ‘Amsterdam’ on it.

Michael Lu ’21:

It really embodies the motto we have for [The Nest], “Makers gonna make,” and [Nick Buehler ’21 and I] felt like a nightstand with LEDs seems like a great idea for room decor. Also the experience of making the table and actually seeing it lit up in the dark makes both of us very proud of this piece of handiwork.

Sophia Ma ’21:

I like the marble aesthetic. I’ve seen it around a lot and I built on that by adding a different color palette. So my room is basically based on marble with a light dusky blue and light grey. I have done a few paintings here at The Nest that I’m really proud of and I have them up on my wall.

Caleb Wright ’21:

My room is very decorated. I actually brought a ton of stuff with me. I brought different things from all around the world like a mask from Indonesia and a conch shell from Key West. I have tape lights up in my room which is pretty cool; everyone should consider getting them! For extra decor, I hung up posters and my vinyl on the wall.

Luc Pan ’19:

My room is mostly white. White relaxes me. My room is set up like this because it makes it easy for my friends and I to talk. I aimed to create an easy environment where everyone sitting down, either on the bed, chairs, or couch, is circled around the coffee table… Bright lights bring in more warmth to the room.