Falling into Classes: Back to School

Angelreana Choi ’19

I actually made a bucket list last spring with Lin [Gan ’19]. The main thing I remember was to attend a theatrical production or a play every term, because I haven’t been able to do that, and I also want to attend at least one den dance and go to Casino Night. For my clubs, I’m a part of Word, which is spoken word poetry, and hopefully we’ll do some bigger events this year. For example, I’m thinking about doing more open mics that are more advertised.

Hywot Ayana ’20

One thing that I’m really looking forward to this Fall Term is Out of the Blue dorm talks because I feel like they’re a really good opportunity to further integrate the [Junior] class into the rest of the school community and to solidify school values and community values that we try to all uphold. I’m also excited to spend more time with my prefectees. I know fall’s going to be a huge adjustment period for them, and being with them these first two weeks has been awesome.

Kiran Bhardwaj (faculty)

I want to go and see the Boston symphony perform at some point this year during the academic year. The thing at Andover that I’m most excited for is being in Draper Cottage, my dorm, with the other folks from the dorm. I’m also pumped about my classes. I’m teaching Law and Morality. We’re talking about American democracy.

Alicia Finney (faculty)

My background is studying genetics and microbes, so I’m really, really excited to talk about those things. There are some really fascinating ethical discussions you have once you get into genetic engineering, and I’m really excited to see what people’s thoughts are with that and just guiding those conversations is always really, really fun.

Sam Wright ’19

[I want to] successfully direct my 901. My 901 is called An Endangered Species by Kathy Sorensen. It follows this group of high school students, and they find out that there is an AIDS epidemic among them, and it basically follows how parents and friends view them, and how they deal with it themselves within their group.

Lionel Amanfu (Faculty)

In the dorm, I’m going to try a couple of new things. We’re going to share more generously with each other; we’re going to share more about what we’re doing so that we can appreciate the things that we take for granted in the dorm. Then in the classroom, I’m trying to do different things that I haven’t done previously, so looking at getting students to come to the board more often, and solicit feedback from them by the end of class.

Sulayman “Layo” Oloritun ’20

I’m a Prefect now, so I’m excited for meeting the new kids and getting to bond with them and help them get adjusted to Andover. I’m really hype for Grasshopper, because I’m in Hypnotiq and we’re working on something and I’m excited for that. It’s earlier this year than usual.

David Owyang ’21

Just the knowledge that Winter Term approaches. No, the best thing about Fall Term is just seeing all the new people hanging around each other for the first time, and see how people who come from really small schools and who all live at home with their friend groups just come here to a big place and how they react to it.