Ria’s Flick Picks: The Avengers: Infinity War


Set after the previous 2018 Marvel film “Black Panther,” “The Avengers: Infinity War” is the third installment of The Avengers series. It involves the entire Avengers team and many more Marvel characters on their collective mission to defeat Thanos before he collects all six infinity stones, which have the potential power to destroy the universe.


Walking into the theater, I didn’t have too big of an expectation for the film. A superhero movie with every single Marvel character? Sounds like chaos and a complete waste of a movie ticket. The films writers, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, however, unexpectedly made it work. Every group of Marvel characters, from the Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy, had their own connection to Thanos, which incorporated effective subplots into the overarching story. Instead of seeing a whole crowd of Marvel superheroes rush Thanos at once (which is what I had expected), the film took places in four different locations, with around four or more different missions to complete.

In addition, the character of Thanos definitely stood out from the rest of the cast in this film. The writers definitely accomplished their goal of making a villain who the audience sees as evil but is still slightly sympathetic to. As his continues on his mission to destroy half of every planet’s population, he gives reason to more and more of his actions. This adds a much-needed deeper layer to the superhero film and increased the tension between him and the superheroes towards the end of the film.


As always, I’ve found the comedic timing of the actors in Marvel movies to be pretty spot-on—Chris Pratt in particular being very good at this. Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) humorous scenes and one-liners were quirky and sometimes inadvertently self-deprecating.

On the other hand, when it came to the more dramatic scenes, it was Josh Brolin’s Thanos and Zoe Saldana’s Gomora that were the only performances that weren’t cringe worthy. When the plot becomes more intense, it was their performances that reminded me that even superheroes are destructible, and ultimately, these stories are a matter of life and death.

Rating: 8/10