What does Lunar New Year Mean to You?

Eden Cui ’19 President of ACSA (Andover Chinese Students Association):

“We want people to know that Lunar New Year is important — not just the Western New Year. We are in the United States, but having the idea of an Asian or other cultures’ New Year [celebrations] is pretty important since there are many Asian students on campus.”

David Tsai ‘18 Board Member of ACSA

“Our hope was that people could enjoy each other’s company and celebrate their traditions as if they were back home. Many people at Andover are very far away from home, so to give them the opportunity to feel like they are with their family members, practicing a tradition close to their heart, is really important.”

Alexandra Loumidis ’18 Participant

“My favorite part of the meal would be the dumplings or the scallion pancakes. I’ve never actually had those before. Trying them is not only an amazing experience but it also inspires me to go out and actively search for more opportunities to try food from cultures that I’m not necessarily a part of.”

Samson Zhang ’20 Participant

“I wanted to [celebrate] with my friends. It’s really good food. I know some of the food the parents brought in, and it’s really well-made. My favorite dish was probably the mapo tofu because it was so insanely spicy.”