History Instructor Nile Blunt Departs from Campus

Faculty member and house counselor, Nile Blunt left campus last weekend. His responsibilities on campus are in the process of being taken over by other members of the faculty.

Blunt, Instructor in History and Social Sciences, began teaching at Andover in September of 2011. In addition to teaching, he served as the Geographer-at-Large for the Sidney R. Knafel Map Collection, the coordinator of school artifacts, an intramural tennis coach, and an advisor to students in the International Recruitment of Teachers Program, according to Patrick Farrell, Dean of Faculty.

Dean of Students and Residential Life Jennifer Elliott ’94 and Head of School John Palfrey declined to comment on the reasons behind Blunt’s departure.

As Geographer-at-Large, Blunt led the curation of the Knafel Map Collection as well as various classes based around the study of these maps, according to Christopher Jones, Instructor and Chair in History.

Jones will take over Blunt’s term contained History-563 elective course,  The Material Culture of Early America. In addition, an elective course scheduled to be taught by Blunt in the Spring Term has been cancelled.

Blunt also served as an advisor and one of three house counselors in Taylor House, an upperclassmen boys dorm of 34 students. Trey Brown ’12, Admission Counselor, will replace Blunt in his role as house counselor, and Scott Hoenig, Assistant Dean of Studies for Advising, will assist Blunt’s advisees with course selections for the Spring Term. His advisees will eventually be assigned to a new advisor, according to Elliott.

Brown said, “I’ve been wanting to get more immersed in the student life… I’m excited, kind of nervous, but at the same time, these are the boys… I’m really looking forward to meeting all of them [and] getting to know all of them.”