Candelario Will Succeed Dolan As Dean of West Quad South

Anny Candelario Escobar, Instructor in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science and Course Head of Empathy, Balance, and Inclusion, will succeed Kate Dolan, Instructor in Athletics, after a five-year tenure as Dean of West Quad South Cluster (WQS).

Candelario hopes to be a source of support and guidance for students in her new role, knowing from the first time she stepped onto campus that she wanted the position of Cluster Dean.

“[Being a Cluster Dean] means that my family gets bigger. It means that I’ll have more games to go see and productions to go see, and I really enjoy seeing students flourish in areas that [are] deeply impactful to them,” said Candelario.

Previously, Candelario spent ten years teaching at Tabor Academy, where she served as class dean for the sophomore class. After moving to Andover, Candelario noticed the position of Cluster Dean was similar to her previous one, and with more opportunities to engage and reach out to students.

“I was looking for an opportunity to get to know our students on a deeper level and to really be connected to a large group of students. I saw the position of Cluster Dean as being an extension of what I had previously done [at Tabor], and I knew I had to do it,” said Candelario.

Dolan anticipates that her departure from WQS will be hard. According to Dolan, the best part about the job is the ability to interact with so many Andover students. Dolan said that she feels grateful to have been able to bond with everyone in her cluster.

“The position gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with so many people, and I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with an incredible number of wonderful kids and colleagues. I will miss those connections with kids and colleagues,” wrote Dolan in an email to The Phillipian.

Dolan is optimistic about Candelario’s leadership ability and enthusiastic personality.

“She will bring a great deal of energy, passion, and commitment to the cluster. WQS will be in Ms. Candelario’s sure hands,” said Dolan. “She will lead the cluster with enthusiasm and experience, and she will be leading a cluster of tremendous kids and colleagues. Ms. Candelario will love WQS and the students and faculty will love working with her.”

WQS resident Itzelt Reyes ’19, who lives in Johnson Hall, is sad to see Dolan go. Still, she is eager to see how the change will alter her Andover experience.

“I feel excited and am on the lookout for the implementation of new things. Next year will be my Senior year, so I’m anticipating mwy final year at [Andover] to be great, and I’m willing to see Ms. Candelario’s version of WQS be part of that picture,” wrote Reyes in an email to The Phillipian.

Candelario is enthusiastic about the new house to be constructed in place of Blanchard House. The house will be similar to Pine Knoll Cluster’s 1924 House and will serve as the Dean’s house and a space for cluster munches and events.

Candelario hopes that the new house will become a popular place for the large number of day students in WQS.

“I hope that it [will] be very welcoming to everyone in the cluster… Having access to that space is definitely something that I plan on using to… meet all of our pockets of students in a way that’s accessible for them,” said Candelario.

Though Candelario has many ideas for WQS, she wants to base changes on resident ideas. She plans to carry out these ideas with her own flair.

Candelario said, “I can help facilitate [that ideation process] and maybe put in a little bit of seasoning of my own flavor, but definitely would want the cluster to be the ones coming up with the ideas.”

Candelario hopes that students will look past her official title and see her as just another supportive adult on campus.

“I hope to do the best job I possibly can and reach and support all those students that are in my cluster, and I hope to be approachable and accessible,” said Candelario.