Look of the Week: Ellie Kozol ’18 Defeats Winter In Heels

Ellie Kozol ’18 braves freezing temperatures in rolled up blue jeans with rips up and down the legs. She wears a jacket loosely slung over a black tank top and a flashy belt and necklace, donning high heel boots along with dark ogloperous sunglasses to fend off the snow’s reflected rays.

Kozol said, “A lot of shopping I do are for vintage things. LF is one of my favorite stores… Most of my closet has its stuff. They’re streetwear, grunge-wear a little bit. I really like wearing that kind of stuff.”

According to Kozol, her style consists of sale items, mesh tops, rompers, boyfriend jeans, and more. A signature part of Kozol’s wardrobe is her collection of shoes. Each pair of shoes she owns adds something different to complement whatever outfit she has on that day.

Kozol has a particular love for high heels. According to Kozol, heels aren’t something that she necessarily wears to make a big statement or to grab the attention of others. Rather, they have evolved to become an integral part of her look throughout the week.

“[Heels are] aesthetically pleasing to me. People think it’s annoying to get dressed in the morning, but I don’t know — there’s just not a lot else in my calling. I like to put a priority on looking my best, which I don’t think is a bad thing… I feel like it’s regular for me now to [wear heels]. I get up in the morning, [and] put on a pair of heels. I think it looks professional, and I like it. And it’s more for me, not for other people,” said Kozol.

Additionally, Kozol enjoys the versatility of wearing heels, pairing them with items such as knee-length sweatshirts, boyfriend jeans, fitted tank tops, or crop tops.

Alexa Goulas ’18, a friend of Kozol’s, said, “Ellie is never seen in sweatpants, and she always has the cutest outfits. It’s not just new tops everyday, though. She changes it up with different styles of pants and plays with layered clothing.”

Even though temperatures have dropped to record lows this winter, Kozol tries to stay away from bulky layers and keep her looks strong.

“I like to tell [people that] I don’t get cold. I feel like [winter is] an opportunity to accessorize with jackets. [I] wear them underneath my coat, and you’ve got to keep that on with the look and still be warmer. Otherwise, in my opinion, it’s cold outside, but most of the buildings are heated.”