Look of the Week: Alice Ren ’19 Models Winter Fashions through Jackets and Layers

Alice Ren ’19 centers her outfits around her jackets and color coordinates the different layers.

With a pink faux leather jacket and a black hoodie underneath, Alice Ren ’19 completes her layered outfit with a pair of gold geometric earrings and brown combat boots.

Ren said, “I love layers… Typically, when I pick out my outfit, I think of a jacket I’m going to wear that day and build [my outfit] around that.”

Ren’s jackets come from a variety of brands. According to Ren, one of her favorite stores for jackets is Forever 21. While Ren has a growing collection of jackets — including a thin, olive green cotton jacket and an oversized jean jacket given to her by her mom — her favorite piece is a white and black bomber jacket with a red stripe.

“It’s the newest jacket that I have, and I’m still sort of experimenting with it, as in certain types of outfits that I can wear with it and what pieces complement it. I’d say it’s my favorite at the moment because there are so many combinations I haven’t tried yet, so it’s exciting,” said Ren.

Layering is one of Ren’s favorite ways to coordinate her outfits. In addition to jackets, flannels and jewellery are also integral parts of Ren’s wardrobe. According to Ren, her accessories often include dangling metallic earrings in silver or gold.

Ren said, “[My favorite earrings] are these two dangling metal squares, which are interlocking. I’d say my earrings are pretty minimalist — just a simple pattern. Generally, I put on earrings when things are going wrong. It’s either if I have the time to pick out earrings, I’ll do it, or if I had a rough night, then I’ll actually put together a nicer outfit.”

Ren initially became invested in her style after an experience during her Junior year.

“I used to wear this one hoodie every day until somebody asked me, ‘Are you wearing the same hoodie again?’ And then I became more self-conscious, so it all started there,” said Ren.

Over the past two years, Ren has developed her own sense of style that has been noticed by her friends.

“Even if it’s a simple outfit, Alice always finds a way to add her own flair and elegance to it, be it with a snapback, dangling earrings, or an intricate braid. Not many people can pull off a snapback or a bubblegum-pink leather jacket, but Alice manages it,” said Moumina Khan ’19, a friend of Ren.

Statement pieces are not the only way Ren finds to personalize things and stand out: Ren’s wardrobe choices also reflect her personality. According to Ren, her timid nature leads her to prefer certain styles over others.

“I shy away from more bold colors, typically. I see it on other people, and I’m like, ‘Wow they look amazing!’, but I’m not at the point yet where I think, ‘Oh yeah, I could pull that off…’ I either go with dark fall colors, like maroon and greens. But I also love pastels, and summery colors,” said Ren.