#SQUADGHOULS; Highlights from the Halloween Dance

his past weekend, students donned costumes to celebrate Halloween at Abbotween and the annual Halloween dance co-hosted by Flagstaff and Pine Knoll in Borden Gym. All proceeds from the dance will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Daisy Tuller ‘20:

Cher from “Clueless”

I thought of my costume in seventh grade because it was the first time I saw ‘Clueless,’ and I loved [Cher’s] style… I couldn’t find any matching plaid yellow suits [online]. I decided that I would sew my own costume, so my mom and I made the matching suit and skirt.”

Martha Fenton ’83:



“Mrs. Elliott wore [the cow costume] last year, and in her absence, I am wearing it tonight. We figured we needed a cow on the corner every Abbotween. Just being a presence and keeping everyone ‘moo-ving’ across the street!”

Caroline Yun ‘18 | Fredericka Lucas ‘18 | Jess Wang ‘18:

Dixie Cups


“Since it’s our Senior year, we all wanted our last costume to be our best costume…Our favorite part about [it] is its longevity — the pattern is spectacularly jazzy and the outfit is super comfy… Also, our costume supports the sustainability of the new recyclable cups. Save the planet, one Dixie cup at a time!”

– Fredericka Lucas’ 18

Darcy Meyer ‘18 | Jeff Rodriguez ‘18 | Spencer Davis ’18 |

Alex Reichenbach ’18 | Jocelyn Shen ’18 | Samantha Bloom ’18:

Harley Davidson Biker Gang

“So [Spencer Davis ’18] just said to me one day, ‘Hey, let’s go as a biker gang.’ We used the Printer to print some Harley Davidson t-shirts and bought some fake tattoos, bandanas, and nose rings.”

– Jocelyn Shen ’18

Emerson Judson ’20 | Brooke Fleming ‘20 | Kate Ervin ’20 | Sophia Esposito ’20:

Cruella de Vil and Dalmatians

“I ended up picking our idea when I saw a Cruella de Vil costume in a DIY video on YouTube… We all made the spots on our tops on our own, so that was probably my favorite part. I did mine by gluing felt spots that I cut out onto a white tube top.”

– Sophia Esposito ’20