Library Reveals Plans for Renovations

FIRST FLOOR: There will be only one service desk, and the archives and Knafel map collection will be moved here. The Freeman Room will transition into a multi-purpose space. The Garver Room will remain the same.

SECOND FLOOR: Furniture on the second floor will be arranged to use the space more efficiently, and the Tang Institute will move there.

BASEMENT: The new Makerspace will be about four times as large and in the space where the PACC is currently. There will be more group study areas, faculty offices, and space for the Stacks.

OVERALL: In terms of the entire building, no additional square footage will be added, there will be space for more students, rising from the 350 the library can currently hold to 500, more teaching spaces and group study spaces, preserved heritage spaces, bathrooms on all floors, and air conditioning throughout the entire building.

Source for all information: Michael Barker, Director of Academy Research, Information, and Library Services