Jennifer​ ​Lu​ ’19​ Brightens​ ​Her Days​ With Pastel Apparel

Pairing a white, open neck top with a light yellow jacket, Jennifer Lu ’19 completes her pastel look with embroidered white shoes and large, round glasses. Inspired by the fashion portrayed on the hit TV show “Scream Queens,” pastel colors like these are central to Lu’s style.

Emily Qian ‘19, Lu’s friend and roommate, said, “Her style is very chic. She has a lot of pastel colors and pastel pink and blue hoodies… I really like [that] she incorporates [these colors] in her clothing and into what she wears everyday. Pastel is really popular with her and I think it really fits her look.”

In choosing her outfits, Lu places a lot of emphasis on how her fashion choices build on her personal identity and empower her to take on each day.

“I want to wear something that defines me, [that] makes me feel good about myself and distinguishes me. The main two things I’m trying to state when I choose an outfit is [to] dress in a way that makes me feel ready to go and get the day on with. During the rainy days, I try to wear colorful clothing, because it makes me feel happy and it makes me feel more ready to deal with the weather. Also, I dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable, [that] empowers [me] in whatever way that is,” said Lu.

This mindset is noticed by Lu’s peers as well, who point out that her style often reflects her genuine and unique personality.

“I think she’s just a very original and authentic person. She will be who she is and she’s not gonna change herself for anyone else, and her clothing definitely reflects that. She’ll wear what she wants to wear and not what other people want to see, even though it’s still pleasing to the eye,” said Qian. 

Along with an abundance of pastel colors, another iconic feature of Lu’s fashion is her collection of non-prescription glasses. Inspired by Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” music video which features the singer wearing big, yellow, translucent glasses, Lu often completes her outfits with similarly large and uniquely shaped spectacles.

“I got really into the entire glasses fashion during the summer. I just want to experiment with new designs and shapes… [Dua Lipa’s] yellow glasses spoke to me and I was like, ‘I want to wear glasses similar to hers in shape, but I don’t want to be wearing yellow clear glasses all the time,’ so I went to a local shop in Hong Kong and I found these fake glasses that I tried on and I really liked. Then afterwards I just tried out new shapes, [for example,] I really want to try this heart shaped pair of glasses, just to be edgy,” said Lu.

While some of Lu’s clothing come from large stores such as Forever 21, she also enjoys shopping at thrift stores for pieces to add to her wardrobe. She bought her favorite article of clothing, a bright yellow Nike jacket, at a thrift store for eight dollars.

“I used to shop a lot at places like Forever 21 and I realized that it’s just not exactly… a sustainable place to get clothing from, so I’m trying to thrift more… to help with that… [and] shoutout to Andover Thrift Store, it’s actually beautiful. I doubted it at first, but my life has been changed by it,” said Lu.