Look of the Week: Taryn John-Lewis ’18 Embraces Eccentricity from All Era

Wearing a blue cheetah print top paired with a beige, paisley print silk scarf, Taryn John-Lewis ’18 completes her outfit with a pair of metallic gold shoes. These bold pieces exemplify John-Lewis’s eccentric mix of contemporary and vintage fashion.

“If you talk to my friends they’ll say that I’m a really offbeat and eccentric person, and I think my outfits showcase that. When you see me walking around campus, I don’t typically look like the ‘standard Andover student’ on most days,” said John-Lewis.

According to her friend Jelani Wilson ’18, John-Lewis’ fashion sense showcases innovative aspects of clothing and fashion that are rarely seen on campus.

“I think it’s unique. It really makes you think. Like when you see everyone else, it’s all normal, but then you see her, and it’s like, ‘Oh! That’s something new I’ve never seen before.’ So… I like it. Very Taryn,” said Wilson.

John-Lewis’ love of old-fashioned and vintage clothing stems from her love of old things in general, such as baroque music and classical ballet. Most of her inspiration comes from historical fashions, which she admires for their simplicity and crispness, as well as once popular designs, such as floral patterns.

John-Lewis said, “I tend to draw from earlier decades, especially certain elements of the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. I didn’t think the ’90s was a good decade in fashion; I’m kind of a fan of earlier decades.”

While John-Lewis tends to stray away from mainstream trends, she still finds snippets of inspiration from Vogue Magazine or Harper’s Bazaar to add to her complex style.

“In fashion magazines, I admire the way designers combine crazy prints and textures into one coordinated and stylish outfit. When I fly home to Atlanta, I always pick up coffee and the latest issue of ‘Vogue,’ ” John-Lewis wrote in an email to The Phillipian.

Her mother’s fashion and her intuition have also served as catalysts to spark her fashion sense.

“I tend to experiment with pattern mixing, layering, and pushing boundaries on some days as well. I guess that is where my intuition comes in — I can usually tell what works and what doesn’t in my mind’s eye. Growing up my mother always dressed extremely well for work, and made sure I was neat, matching, and presentable for school,” wrote John-Lewis.