Fall Festival Held Despite Inclement Weather

This year’s Fall Festival offered pony rides, caricatures, an inflatable wrecking ball, and a sports arena containing football and basketball-themed games at the back corner of the Gelb Lawn from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. in spite of the rainy and cold weather.

The Fall Festival hosted a variety of food options, including a stand serving fried dough, a van dispensing cupcakes, and hot cider. The mechanical bull — an annual highlight — remained broken and out of commission for most of the night.

“I think the event had a lot of potential, but the broken mechanical bull combined with the rain meant for a less memorable event,” said Julian Baz ’20.

“To me, [the lack of a functioning mechanical bull] actually didn’t matter, but I had some friends who would have liked for it to have been there, and I definitely think it would have been a nice festive touch,” said Jack Palfrey ’21. “I actually had a really great time, even despite the unfortunate weather. It was a little bit cold and rainy, but it was definitely a lot of fun.”