Letter from Head of School and President of the Board of Trustees Re: Sexual Misconduct Investigations

Four cases of sexual misconduct during the 1970s and 1980s at Andover were disclosed in a letter sent to the Andover community via email on July 31  from Peter Currie ’74, President of the Board of Trustees, and Head of School John Palfrey. Five additional cases had previously been disclosed last August in a similar letter from Palfrey following an independent investigation by Sanghavi Law Office.

Of the four cases noted in the July 31 letter, one involves a former student who engaged in sexual misconduct toward another student, while the three others center around faculty members engaging in sexual misconduct toward former students. Additionally, two former faculty members are identified in the newly released report from Sanghavi Law Office: Brian Davidson and Frederic Lyman.

Former faculty members H. Schuyler Royce and Stephen Wicks, as well as former writer-in-residence Alexander Theroux, were named in Palfrey’s August 2016 letter.

In total, Sanghavi Law Office has conducted 16 full investigations involving 13 alleged perpetrators. In each of these 16 cases, the firm determined the allegations to be worthy of “Investigations with Findings.” In an “Investigation with Findings,” the investigative team collects additional information through outreach and interviews to determine whether or not sexual misconduct occurred.

The full, written report from Sanghavi Law Office was released July 31. It can be accessed here.