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Look of the Week: Nastia Aumueller ’18 Matches Makeup with Monochromatic Style

Sporting a pastel blue hoodie, Nastia Aumueller ’18 layers a shearling denim jacket and black pants to complete her monochromatic and minimalist look. As a finishing touch, she styles a simple black velvet choker and round, tortoiseshell glasses.

“I would say [her style] is very modern. It’s subtle, but it’s very fashionable. I think that a lot of her clothes are unique, and the way she wears them is also artistic, in a way,” said Solby Lim ’18, Aumueller’s friend.

Aumueller describes her style as a mixture of simple and brightly colored clothing. According to Aumueller, she particularly enjoys incorporating bold hoodies into her everyday style.

“I’m really into minimalistic fashion and stuff that’s resurfaced from previous times… I wouldn’t say that I have specific colors, but generally, the hoodies I like are usually brighter colors. I have a yellow one, I have this [blue] one, and I have a pink one,” said Aumueller.

Aumueller completes her outfits by using different styles of makeup to compliment her fashion choices.

“[My makeup] was based on the colors… I went through a lip color phase, as well. I just tried to combine colors. The lip color thing was during fall and winter, so with a lot of sweaters. So if I was wearing a maroon sweatshirt, I’d have a maroon lip,” said Aumueller.

Aumueller subtlely sports a hint of bright color, along with more monochromatic pieces of clothing. This remains a defining aspect of her look to many who pass her by on the school path.

“The first thing I think of is the first color that she’s wearing that pops out to me. She’s very easy to pick out in a crowd. She doesn’t try to do it. It’s just natural, but I can identify her from miles away,” said Lim.

Aumueller cites her past years living in England as a source of inspiration when finding her own fashion style.

“I was in school in England before, and they have a very, very different fashion sense from here. On long weekends, I’d go down to London and, obviously, see a lot of different styles there. You walk around and you see all the shops, and you see what people are wearing, and you pick things that you like and would like to incorporate. Definitely the minimalistic [influence] is from London,” said Aumueller.

Similarly, Aumueller is exposed to various types of fashion through social media platforms, especially Instagram.

“[I find inspiration on] the internet. I feel like that’s very cliché, but [I enjoy] seeing pictures of other people dressing well and being happy and feeling good about themselves… It’s just very easily accessible. You can just go online and find something. On Instagram, there are two accounts that I follow that I really like. One of them is ‘ireneisgood.’ And then these twins as well. Their names are Simi and Haze, so they have a joint Instagram called ‘simihaze,’ and they have some really cool stuff,” said Aumueller.

A defining piece in Aumueller’s wardrobe is her tan scarf, according to her friend Katelyn Wang ’18.

“She wears this scarf. It’s really cute, it’s a light tan scarf, and I think it’s really practical, especially when it’s cold out. It matches with everything, and also the fact that she can pull off anything is really cool,” said Wang.