Athlete of the Week: John Witt ’18 Utilizes Strong Work Ethic to Perform on the Course

John Witt ’18, who plays the second seed for Andover Golf, has demonstrated admirable growth as a competitor since playing his first official golf match last spring. Prior to attending Andover, Witt had only ever played golf leisurely. Despite being somewhat of a beginner after joining the team his Lower year, Witt’s talent and dedication to the sport are bountiful, according to his coach and teammates.

In an email to The Phillipian, Head Coach Brian Faulk ’00 wrote, “Last year was John’s first year on the golf team and I was immediately impressed with his swing — he hits the ball really, really far — he’s probably one of the longest hitters that I’ve ever coached. Over the past year and a half, he has also significantly elevated his game, and I think he has a really strong future ahead of himself.”

“John is very grounded and never seems to get too high or too low on the golf course. On our first trip out to the course this season he hit under par in really freezing conditions. That really is very good,” continued Faulk.

Besides proving himself to be a standout as an athlete, according to his teammates, Witt has demonstrated a substantial amount of dependability on the course.

Captain Alexa Tsay ’17 said, “John is a really great golfer… We only have four varsity returners this year, showing we did lose a lot of people, but it’s nice to know that we can always rely on John to do well.”

Witt’s strong work ethic and leadership capabilities contribute to his positive team presence.

Faulk wrote, “Most importantly, John is just a wonderful kid. I think he leads by example ­— he does the little things right. To me, John is a truly wonderful teammate and his teammates have also commented to us [coaches] in agreeance.”

This past weekend, Witt led Andover to an 8-4 victory over Tabor with his 6&5 win over his opponent.

Due to his consistently strong golfing abilities and his genuine personality, John Witt ’18 has earned himself the title of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

What was your golf experience like prior to coming to Andover?

I started playing when I was six. Over the years, my grandmother has gotten me involved in the sport. We play together a lot in Maine. But before coming to Andover, I had only ever played for fun.

What has your past experience on the Andover golf team been like?

Well, I only started playing last year, and I decided to play again because it was a lot of fun. The team last season was mostly seniors, so that was pretty cool. Everyone was really awesome and there were also some pretty strong players. Last season, we did relatively well as a team, but this year I’m hoping to do even better.

How do you think you stood as a competitor last year?

I was decent last year. I had a couple good rounds — one versus Exeter… I shot 76, I think. A normal round for me is usually around 80. This season I hope to shoot closer to 72, maybe even better.

What worked well for you in your victory in the team’s season opener?

I started off my match well by making par on the first three holes, which gave me an early lead. Even though I wasn’t able to maintain quite that level of play, I was still able to outlast my opponent by the ninth hole. Overall, I drove the ball well and hit most fairways, which I was pleased with given the windy conditions.

Do you have any other hopes for this season?

I’d like to win the Andover Invitational — a tournament we hold in Newport, Rhode Island with about eight other schools.

Is there anything special you do to prepare for your matches?

Not really… I just like to go in relaxed and have fun.