Spring Track & Field

Andover Displays Depth and Dominance in First Meet

Last Saturday, Alex Fleury ’20 placed first in the 800-Meter Dash with a time of 2:05.08 as Andover Boys Track & Field triumphed in a 79-65 victory over Andover High School in its first meet of the season.

Andover scored points in 15 of its 17 events, helping the team solidify its win. In addition to strong returning athletes, the newcomers also proved to be vital in the Andover’s win.

In an email to The Phillipian, Head Coach Sean Hyland wrote, “You never know quite what to expect in the first meet of the year. Andover High is one of the few teams we face that has a larger roster than we do and typically fields a strong group. I thought our team competed well. I was impressed with many of our newcomers and the progress that our veterans have made from last year.”

In the 100-Meter Dash, Post-Graduate (PG) Turner Corbett ’17 placed first with a time of 11.27. Additionally, Jacob Buehler ’19, ran the 3,000-Meter Dash and finished in first place with a time of 10:03.91. Spencer Davis ’18 and Sebastian Bishop ’17 finished in second and third place, with times of 10:04.52 and 10:47.54, respectively.

In an email to The Phillipian, Buehler wrote, “We set a hard first mile of 5:12. Because of the lead we established by running a fast first mile, we were able to sweep the top three places.”

Coach Hyland said, “We have high expectations and want to win every meet we enter. However, right now, we are more focused on honing our technique and getting a feel for the different events. Whether that is getting our steps right in the Javelin or timing in the 4×100-Meter relay or rhythm of the 3,000-Meter, everyone on the team is working on getting better each day, and aiming to be at their competitive best by the end of the season.”

In the field events, Michael McGreal ’17 placed first in the Javelin throw with a distance of 171 feet and ten inches, followed by PG TJ Urbanik ’17 and Ajay Menon ’17 with distances of 164 feet and 163 feet and two inches, respectively. The throws combined for an Andover sweep of the Javelin event.

Record holder for the 11th Grade Discus Record, Noah Ward ’17 placed first in both the Discus and the Shot Put with distances of 166 feet and ten inches and 55 feet and three and a half inches, respectively. Giacomo Marino ’18 placed first in the Triple Jump, with a distance of 37 feet and two and a half inches.

Sam Tobin ’18 anchored the first place win for the 4×400-Meter Relay team, finishing with a time of 55.8.

On Saturday, Andover will host Deerfield and Taft, and the team will look to improve and build on its early success of the season, according to members of the team.

Tobin said, “We have a week to work hard and recover from injury until our next meet, and I know there is a lot of incentive to beat Deerfield and Taft. We want to demonstrate our strength this year and build confidence with every team we face.”