Girls Lacrosse

Girls Lacrosse Suffers Loss to Middlesex

Despite winning the first of its two scrimmages earlier this Spring, Andover Girls Lacrosse fell to Middlesex 8-18 this Wednesday. 

Katherine McIntire ’19 said, “We definitely did really well in the first half. We got position of the ball and we were able to execute on attack because of that. This is something we look to continue in our games to come however, we need to work on our defense and we need to be able to stop the goals from the other team better. We struggled with this and they were able to get a lot of goals by us in the second half.

Going into this scrimmage Andover looked to asses the team after a short week of practice.

Coach Kate Dolan wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “Since we are just getting started, we are truly working on everything — given the weather just getting outside to play/practice has been a challenge so we are just glad and excited for the chance to compete against another team. Middlesex is a talented, fast team and going up against them will give us an opportunity to see how we measure up at this point in the early going against a top team.”

The privilege and ability to play a strong team in a scrimmage has helped the team learn and develop. This experience helped the team see what they can do in future games.

Annie Lord ’19 said, “Today was definitely a tough scrimmage; it was our last time to play before the season truly starts. I believe when we are playing a strong team such as Middlesex, it’s definitely an opportunity to see what they do well and perhaps be able to improve after seeing them play. Middlesex is really good at connecting their passes and they are very patient on offense, so these are definitely things that we can learn from. In general today was a good learning experience.”

Despite the loss, the team used the experience to find areas of their play to improve on.

Co-Captain Jordy Fenton ’17 said, “I think we could improve on maintaining our offensive and defensive momentum. Today in the game we had a lot of really good opportunities, but we weren’t’ able to keep what we had going, due to turnovers that really didn’t need to happen. I think that we were able to execute really well on the offensive end when we had that momentum going and we were able to get some good stops on defense with this momentum.”

Co-Captain Beth Krikorian ’17 added, “We have to work on being more poised when we have possession. If we are more composed, we’ll be able to generate more scoring opportunities. Our defense played well together and we’re still working to get better with communication so that we can play better defense overall.”

Andover looks to redeem itself in the first official game of the season at Noble and Greenough this Saturday.