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Players to Watch: Girls Lacrosse’s Katherine Mcintire ’19

Bringing experience, skill, and speed to the field, Katherine McIntire ’19 will continue to be a strong contributor for Andover Girls Lacrosse this season. McIntire, a returning Lower from Andover, Mass., has been playing lacrosse since she was 13 years old. She plays midfield, and keeps her skills in check by playing Revolution Lacrosse year-round.

According to her teammates, McIntire is a hard-working and dedicated athlete.

Co-Captain Beth Krikorian ’17 said, “Katherine is a really hard worker. She pushes herself to be better every day and in turn pushes those around her. It makes the team stronger in the long run.”

“Katherine’s work ethic and aggression on ball really helps to set a tone for the rest of the girls on the team. She always goes 110% in drills and during games and it helps the team to be better defenders and to better work off ball,” said Co-Captain Jordy Fenton ’17.

Additionally, McIntire’s strength and speed add depth to her game and the team’s dynamic.

Annie Lord ’19 said, “Katherine has a really strong and powerful shot and her speed allows her to carry the ball from defensive to offensive zones effectively. She does a great job of this as a midfielder.”

Brooke Keough ’19 added, “Katherine has a good strong shot and she’s really good at driving to the net. She is really quick and this quickness helps her when she is in front of the net.”

McIntire is excited for the season ahead and she hopes to help the team be as successful as possible.

McIntire said, “This season everyone is showing a lot of improvement from last year and we have some strong new players as well, so I think that it is a great opportunity to grow as a team and look to win. We have some challenging games coming up, and I am really looking forward to going up against those teams from last year after working in the off season.”